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And This is why I am not devoted to Traditional Catholicism/The Latin Mass ... BANNED! Shield from Tyrrany

UPDATE! May 27, 2014 2012h EST

Well, it seems as if this was not a mistaken case of someone taking over another's blog account. New evidence here:

Shield decided to remove both his/her blog from the web ....

..... and his/her profile. 

What cowardice. And you wonder why I have sympathy for those nobler traditionalists and prelates who recommend monitoring of online activities and are against pseudonym blogging. Then again, if this person was truly, as they said they were, a lawyer, it was probably a good move to preserve their career.

Sad, and spiritually sick though. Please continue to pray for Shield and I. Pax.

Original Post released May 26, 2014

Well, while I said I would not need to post anything for the rest of the month .... some Rad Trad just had to be asinine and make me reconsider.

In my prior posts, an online "presence" who does have a blog, self-titled, Shield from Tyranny, had made comments in prior postings which were well-presented and eloquent. He/She, whomever they are, seemed like a reasonable soul .... until today.

This is honestly a sad state of events, a sad 180 degree turnaround with really, no necessity, nor explanation.
Even sadder, this person's profile tells us that He/She is a lawyer in Toronto. A lawyer! A lawyer would know better than to pull such shenanigans, because any proof of debauchery or personally inappropriate acts could be reported to their professional college in Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, which could happily kill their right to practice Law in Ontario. The evidence:

Yep. Toronto .... Lawyer. 

More so, this blogger is doing this harassment under their pseudonym. If this is truly one and the same person, and not someone else (see the end of my post,) clearly this barrister and solicitor has used his/her anonymity to commit such slander that they would never do professionally, or as their real life identity. What a low brow act. 

 I got to go home from work to find this unpleasant surprise. This appeared in my comment box, the text reproduced, with a MUCH necessary edit by me in the square brackets for vulgarity with the F-word:

"I must say your fear and /or refusal to publish comments illustrate the fact that you are an absolute thought nazi. Go [&#^$] yourself barkin on May posting 2b: Breaking! Collins Leading Souls Back to the Faith, Rejection of Liberal Party! Publish | Delete | Spam   Shield from Tyrrany at 16:50``

Wow, just wow. This is quite a radical and marked change from this person's prior behaviour.

First and foremost, Shield, you have committed a calumny against my person and spiritual soul, of which calumny has been deemed by our Holy Father as an act of Satan.

I am not a `thought` nazi as you put it. This is my personal blog, and YES, I have attached my real birth name to the blog. When I do not post comments on my blog, it is because they are of a malicious, vile nature, are spam, or have taints of radical traditionalist ideas/sentiments in them. Why should I allow such vile spew to penetrate my blog? I abhor radical traditionalism. However, I am quite gratuitious in what I post, even if there is disagreement in my posting if it does still exhibit proper, Catholic, fraternal charity.

Secondly, YOU, have not been denied EVER, any posting of your thoughts/comments on my blog, because in past, you were positive in such postings, as well as your thoughts and ideas DID exhibit modicums of Catholic Charity.At least you have not been denied under the blogger profile/pseudonym "Shield from Tyrrany". If you are being facetious and posting under multiple aliases, then perhaps I have denied one of your more "radical" postings. However, as "Shield," here's an example of HOW IN PAST, YOU  HAVE SPOKEN, ON MY BLOG:

"I agree. I am one who prefers to only attend TLM, but cannot endorse the total lack of charity and love shown by some of the parties you rightly call out here. And I am a big fan of Cardinal Collins. I have had the opportunity to speak with him by email and in person about making more TLM available in the diocese. He has shown me nothing but true listening, understanding and sincere pastoral care each time I have spoken with him. Great blog. Keep up good work on My Two Cents: Recent Idol Worship of Cardinal Burke by Right Wingers and Trads Behaving Badly   Remove content | Delete | Spam   Shield from Tyrrany
on 16/01/14"

So while you disagreed with me, I let your comment be posted. THIS, was an example of Catholic Fraternal charity in posting. This is starkly different from your vulgarity tonight.

And what about recently? YOU commented on the first of my May postings, when I was speaking about another Trad Behaving Blogger. Here's the evidence.

My First 2014 May Post

Clearly here, your Honour, is the comment of the named "Shield of Tyrrany, " released publicly on Servimus Unum Deum, by me. I even had the courtesy to reply to Shield. 

BANNED: Shield from Tyrrany!

I, Julian Barkin, sole author of Servimus Unum Deum, hereby BAN, the blogger known as "Shield from Tyrrany", from this blog. Shield from Tyrrany has violated a major blog rule, that being "I will NOT TOLERATE any of the following. .... - Direct insults at me or anyone else partaking in Latin Mass Efforts. If you have an issue with other people, take it up with them, but I won't allow piss-potting here. "

No future comments shall be released from this blogger publicly on the web, and all future comments will be archived and stored for legal/personal purposes. Any other messages will hereby be stored and archived as well. Should harassment through any means of communication be pursued, criminal or eccleastical authorities will also be notified to pursue any means of necessary investigation. 

One note ....

I will say, for someone to perform a complete 180 degree turn, this is highly unusual. I can only conclude a few things of this matter:
1) Shield was possibly, radically traditionalist this whole time and has revealed his/her true feelings towards me. I would hope this is not so .....
2) Shield has connections to my enemies within the radical traditionalist camp, and was egged on by them to harass me online, possibly considering my recent postings. 
3) Someone might have hacked/used Shield's account to write the defamatory message. I have heard of blogger accounts/addresses being used after abandonment to be used for evil, under the bloggers former alias.

I would sincerely hope that the third possibility is the truth, and that an apology would be highly forthcoming, or someone reveals the truth about this incident. Again, a 100% change in behaviour from past experiences is highly unusual. I hope that if the third issue is the truth, that the "Real" Shield from Tyrrany would message me somehow under their real birth name, preferably from a personal or their legal e-mail with their firm/practice. 

Everyone, pray for Shield of Tyrrany, and/or the fraudster if his/her account has been hacked. For me as well. This was uncalled for. And let's hope that this is really something abnormal, and not truly who this person really is. 

Pax, Julian. 

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