Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Hello Everyone.

Let me tell you, Francis is one Pope who does not take spiritual warfare lightly. Constantly in his fervorinos, covered only by Vatican Radio or News.Va (which forwards the articles from Vatican Radio), he has been not afraid to mention the Evil One and all his false lies and promises in this post-modern, secular world. He's no joke when it comes to the four last things, especially Hell and the Evil One, who rules that domain (not by choice or God's commission. St. Michael bested him in battle and speared him down to that infernal abyss).

This past Sunday when he celebrated Mass in St. Peter's Square, he took things to the next level, in public, exorcising  or at least started the process of exorcising 4 demons possessing a man in the public square. Here's the link covering this story from the Associated Press:

Also, there is a YouTube video that has appeared here. The text is in Spanish, but once can clearly see what was taking place in the square here:

May 21, 6:31 PM EDT

Read the article and watch the video for yourself. Clearly, this was no ordinary reaction to the prayer, and further, the Vatican's lead exorcist Fr. Amorth, well known after his commentary on the Anthony Hopkins led movie, The Rite, completed the act with a true, full exorcism of the man yesterday. So hopefully those demons were vanquished (unless those demons are in it for a long haul. Considering this man was involved in the pro-abortion industry, I wouldn't be surprised.)

Seriously everyone, this is no flimsy pope. This Pope, might just be one of the most gutsy and fearless Popes that we have come to have line our Papacy. A humble man from outside of Europe, who doesn't indulge in the trappings of his cohorts, now is becoming one of the fiercest fighters against our biggest enemy. More and more he is seeming like the right man at the right time, for how our world is disintegrating into savagery and inhumanity at the Evil One's manipulation and lies, he is becoming the biggest example of Spiritual Combat!

Ever see those children's shows, or movies, where a regular joe or young boy is plucked from obscurity into the heat of a war against an evil overlord or an empire, and becomes the champion and mightiest fighter of them all? You know, like Star Wars with Luke Skywalker being the One to bring balance to the Force? Well it sounds just like that.

Pax. Julian.

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