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Another Fervorino from Pope Francis ... Triple mention of the Devil in Homily and Some More Truth

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For those ninnys who were wining about Pope Francis being a liberal pope and being the death knell to Trad Catholics everywhere ... you should seriously start tuning into the web. Once again, you'd think that Pope Francis was a secret Trad in disguise as a Liberal. You'd think he was even embodying the spirit of your Latin Mass homilist/Celebrant at your parish .... because not just once again, BUT TWICE, our Holiness mentioned the Evil One in his Homily! Or as we should be calling them now, his Fervorinos!

Once again, News.Va, through Vatican Radio, reported on another one of his fire and birmstone homilies from his Vatican Mass on April 30, 2013. The link is here or here at I'd like to focus on a couple of particular parts though.

1) DOUBLE MENTION OF THE EVIL ONE: "We can safeguard the Church, we can cure the Church, no? We do so with our work, but what’s most important is what the Lord does : He is the only One who can look into the face of evil and overcome it. The prince of the world comes but can do nothing against me: if we don’t want the prince of this world to take the Church into his hands, we must entrust it to the One who can defeat the prince of this world ...." 

Whoa! Like I said last time, I think that if he continues like this, Pope Francis may become the Pope who called out against the Devil and mentioned of him the most in the history of the Papacy! I think my count is now 5 times in the span of 1.5 months since his Papacy began that I've recorded. I am likely wrong in my count. Lets continue ...

2) Prayer for the Church and THE EVIL ONE ONCE MORE!: ".... Here the question arises: do we pray for the Church, for the entire Church? ..." Good point. When we go to Mass or pray privately, we likely pray for ourselves, our families, whomever asked us to pray for them, our needs, and more likely, our wants. Do we ever pray for His Holy Bride, who is the means to get to Him, and Eternal Salvation, and further, that one thing standing in the way of total domination by the Evil One of this finite life? 

Speaking of that vile spew ... " .... "Entrust the Church to the Lord is a prayer that makes the Church grow. It is also an act of faith. We can do nothing, we are poor servants - all of us - of the Church: it is He who keeps her going and holds her and makes her grow , makes her holy, defends and protects her from the prince of this world and what he wants the Church to become, in short more and more worldly. This is the greatest danger! When the Church becomes worldly, when she has the spirit of the world within herself, ... the Church is a weak Church, a defeated Church, unable to transmit the Gospel, the message of the Cross, the scandal of the Cross ... She cannot transmit this if she is worldly”.

Another mention of the Devil???? Is he seriously wanting a fight or something????

Whoa! Once again, the Pope is calling out those elements of the Church who are the lazy and lukewarm and corrupt with power! The laity, the priests and bishops who are Judases amongst us or complacent and truly secular and self-centered, Pope Francis is calling you out! You are part of why the Church has lost authority in anything in society! You just let the Church become another NGO as the Pope has said, which is no better than any other religion. You give  no reason to want to be Catholic, and you are not setting the example amongst your contemporaries why being Catholic is AWESOME! And you wonder why no one wants to be a priest or nun. Really, if you don`t want to go 100% and you want to dissent from Catholic doctrine/dogmas, why are you even calling yourself Catholic? It's not about what you WANT, it's about your ultimate need for spiritual salvation, which no Mercedes-Benz(TM), mocha-whatchamacallit, million-dollar mansion, or even your family and friends and other "churches" can fill. They won't. 

3) Catholic Life is not easy, so don't expect comfort being a Catholic on Earth: ".... With this attitude, He will give us, in the midst of tribulations, the peace that only He can give . This peace which the world cannot give, that peace that cannot be bought, that peace which is a true gift of the presence of Jesus in the midst of his Church. Entrusting the Church that is in distress: there are great tribulations, persecution ... there are. But there are also small tribulations: the small tribulations of illness or family problems ...`` ... the Church ... “will do us and the Church good. It will give us great peace [and although] it will not rid us of our tribulations, it will make us stronger in our sufferings”.

That`s right folks. The Church isn`t some magic cure-all for your problems because you have the means to eternal salvation and accepted Jesus into your heart. He will NOT give you an easy time to get to Him, due to this world. Even this world rejected Jesus when he was alive, even so much as to crucify Him. You will gain the benefits and strengths in actual graces needed to persevere, and have the foretaste of Heaven in the Holy Mass via the Sacrament of the Eucharist. You even have the Sacrament of Reconciliation when you sin.   If you think that just cause you are Catholic you have the golden ticket, you signed up for the wrong faith, and should go be "spiritual" elsewhere.

But there will be trials ... great trials, and small ones. No trial was left out by our Holy Father. Also, he did not leave out persecution. Already, our brethren in the Middle East are being killed and persecuted, especially in Muslim-dominated countries, so much that many have fled  and this Archdiocese has been sponsoring those refugees to come to Canada and helping them become established here (I think mainly through Sharelife charities). However, don`t think you are lucky. Between Obama, Wynne, the other provincial premiers, and yes, even Harper to an extent (or whomever will come after him federally in Canada), we true, practicing Catholics (not the Judases) are NOT SAFE. Gradually our rights are being eroded in favour of sexual minorities (e.g. homosexuals) and non-traditional families, and not liking what we have to say, selfish parties and interest groups will be pushing for further persecution of us legally until Catholics will be forced to either abandon Jesus, or to become persecuted themselves and incarcerated or forced into poverty/hiding from the law. This is already happening in developed countries in Europe. North America will soon follow suit. And the Pope isn`t stupid. HE GETS THIS!

So once again, clearly we have a traditionally doctrinal/theological Pope. Yeah he's not having a 40-piece choir singing Mozart's "Grand Daddy Mass" or whatever Gregorian Choirmasters prefer, and a Missa Pontificale every Sunday in the Extraordinary form, nor enforcing all churches to have one Latin Mass, but for those of you still thinking this pope is the death knell to Traditional Catholicism, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! STOP BELIEVING THE LIES OF THE RADTRADS! 

If you want your liturgy that badly, stop supporting ultra-radical traditionalist societies, keep influencing your dioceses parish by parish, seminarian by seminarian, layperson by layperson, to at least give more solemnity to Novus Ordo Masses or at best to use the EF, and know your apologetics for the Latin Mass without bashing the ``Novus Ordo`` people for those who have been mis-educated, regardless of their status. 

By the way, you are not going most of the reports and quotes of these fervorinos, shamefully, on the Vatican's main website. You can only find them on either Vatican Radio's site (English) at:, or on the Vatican's main Internet News portal, under the title, "Pope: ...".

Pax, Julian.

P.S. Blog rules apply here. Outside of the blog, don't harass my friends and colleagues, laity or clerical.

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