Saturday, 29 December 2012

Work in Progress/Reminder to cover certain topics

Hmmmm ....

It seems from time to time some people find my blog looking for specific things. The search terms show up briefly then disappear if new ones with more hits come. So this post will be more like a "checklist" of things to cover so I don't forget them.

If of course YOU have any queries or suggestions do post them. Just note that I don't cover the choir aspects of the Latin Mass and I focus on serving, and I am a layman with some resources and access to a library in Toronto, but I am no theologian or priest, so do have prudence if you want me to cover something. Also, obey my blog rules. I won't accept anonymous comments or snark.

Anyways, here's the checklist so far, starting on this day, Dec 29, 2012:

____      latin responses altar boy

This is what I have so far. Hope to grow the list and come back here from time to time, though I will cover most 
serving things gradually as I move on and do specific Masses and positions. 

Pax, Julian. 

Update Jan 20, 2013

The list grows ...

____      latin responses altar boy  ---> Coming up in starter points III
_____     missa coram sanctissimum   
__Check___     genuflect catholic, genuflection ---> Genuflections were covered in the Starter Points series of posts. 
_____     eucharistic adoration  ---> MIght be covered in Eucharistic benediction/adoration
_____     incense latin mass   --> This will be covered when the thurifer position is completed
_____     asperges traditional latin  --> This will be covered with the Starter Points III and for serving roles with 
              the High and solemn Masses
__Check___     what is the proper way to genuflect   ---> Covered in Starter points I for serving 

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