Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wetting thy palate: Found a Latin Mass Rubric and Serving Site

Hello Everyone.

Since this blog is primary focusing on the Latin Mass via a servers' perspective, I might as well start on a small bit with actual serving. I personally won't go into great depth myself till I complete the part-by-part analysis of the parts of the Mass, as I feel that a server should know the basic parts of the Ordinary of the Mass, so that when your MC or teacher says "blah blah blah at the Introit", you'll know what it means and where your serving fits.

However, to wet your palates whether you are a Latin Mass goer, a curious onlooker, or a Latin mass Server, I found a site featuring written instructions on serving positions under various parts of the Mass.

Solemn Latin Mass and Holy Week isn't up though ... :(. Anyways, let this be starter material for your serving adventures. In the meantime, gotta work on part II no. 2 of the part-by-part Q and A.

Pax, Julian.

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