Friday, 26 October 2012

One priest's Take on the Novus Ordo After Only Doing EF

Hello Everyone.

I hope all is well. I wanted to bring your attention to an article from one of the blogs I follow. This is from a priest associated with an abbey in Ireland (not all Catholicism in Ireland is dead!). He usually celebrates the EF in his practice, however due to circumstances beyond his control, had to say the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite at an excursion somewhere.

Now, before you read this, realize that this is not to say the "OF sucks, the EF rocks." I am not posting this to cause a riot or rally traditional Catholics to protest their local OF churches and bishops on the OF ALONE. However, most OFs are not done as reverently as one can be, and even when done as reverently as possible (as this abbey priest did), without catholics protesting with their wallets, there is still a number of deficiencies that exist that detract from what the Novus Ordo could be.

The priest says in many parts as you read though, HOW one could restore the ars celebrandi to the Novus Ordo, the best as possible to a form that clearly is, well, just not keeping Catholics in the pews every Sunday alone, sadly, despite how we Catholics should all be CRAVING the Eucharist in the re-presentation of the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord, who gave us in these acts the opportunity to obtain eternal salvation. 

The article is here:

Also one final note, you can see now through even one priest's viewpoint, in this article, why Benedict is encouraging the two forms to co-exist (for the present) side by side, as a mutual enrichment of each other (though I am not sure what the OF does for the EF at the moment). If you dare, share this article with your pastors, priests, seminary friends, family members, and those who don't "get it" why the OF needs that mutual enrichment the Holy Father keeps mentioning.

Pax Vobis Christi, Julian Barkin.

P.S. It's unofficially Latin Mass week in our Archdiocese of Toronto starting October 28 !!! Please see my 2nd or 3rd post for special offerings of the Solemn Latin Mass in our diocese, and at the top, click on the regular mass times link to see where else in the city one can go for daily mass. And do attend and come out to support the efforts of the EF parishes and the lay-run EF initiatives organizing the Latin Massses!

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