Saturday, 13 October 2012

Pope Benedict Truly knows what Vatican II Should Have Been

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for your interest in my little start-up blog. Now for a "traditionally" related side post. I am posting this because in traditional Catholic communities, Vatican II is akin to a swear word or that taboo thing you keep in private drawing or smoking rooms. To those who were around before, and during the beginning post-council (or really, post implementation of the Novus Ordo), it brings forth painful memories of liberal banality and rash changes in liturgy, decorum, etc. but most of all, the removal of the Latin Mass to a near non-existent state. For those that have come anew to Traditional Catholicism, they realize the damage that has been done in the name of "the spirit of Vatican II", and sadly some hate it to a point of being anti-Council and even anti-Pope.

Regardless of the reaction, the fact is, that Vatican II was NEVER meant to be an excuse to do away with traditional Catholicism, be it history, central or Magisterial teachings, or liturgical aspects vital to our Catholic identity, including the Latin Mass/Extraordinary Form/Tridentine Mass/1962 Mass. Well, if anyone has read Pope Benedict's Spirit of the Liturgy, you will understand how our blessed father GETS this fact when and counters arguments for why those things had to go, and modernist criticisms of tradition(s) in that book. And he did it again today in Rome during the Synod for the New Evangelization.

While I was cruisng my YouTube Account, I saw a video from my subscription to the Vatican's channel, and boy is it a whopper:

The Pope, Benedict XVI, tells his audience of people present, INCLUDING bishops who were present at Vatican II, what Vatican II was really about. I am sure some of them were not too pleased at hearing the Holy Father's words as he set the record straight on what "aggorigiamento" means. To me this is a powerful excerpt from this video with my bolded emphasis:

" "Aggiornamento", the Pope explained, "does not mean breaking with tradition; rather, it is an expression of that tradition's ongoing vitality. It does not mean reducing the faith, debasing it to the fashion of the times ..."

Whoa! He basically in a nutshell told them that no way did it mean disposing of all in Catholicism's history, including its Magisterial teachings, AND THE LATIN MASS!!!!. Thank you O' Holy Father for your bold pronounciation of what we faithful Catholics have known all along. Thank you, for fighting back against those who think otherwise and saying truly what the Council meant for the Church. Let us pray as the Synod continues, and with the November meeting in Rome to commemorate 5 years since Summorum Pontificum, that our Holy Father will be blessed with longevity, good health, and continue to restore true meaning of the Council and Catholic Tradition to our Church, and lest he die early, that his inheritor of the Papal throne will continue in his stead.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

P.S. Started to work on Part 2 of my Q and A dissecting each part of the Extraordinary Form Mass. I've broken it into chunks for readability so part I with the Asperges to getting up from the foot of the altar should appear in the future.

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