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Highlight: Homily from Pope Francis Regarding the Deadly Sin of Envy

Hello Everyone,

It seems that as of recently, around my life, but also sadly in the life of the Church, many people, those who should know better, are being sorely tempted by the Devil and associates. Many a loose tongue is flying around, slandering, gossiping, and doing the Evil One's work.

I see this most recently in the Church in light of a couple of issues. First, Benedict Emeritus XVI came out with a new book with Peter Seewald, post-retirement from the Papacy. Right away a number of Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists bashed his Holiness Emeritus, accusing him of being a coward because he revealed after his last WYD, he couldn't travel. Instead of chalking it up to health issues, they go for the jugular instead of their former Trad Hero who "saved" the Latin Mass because they think his "cowardice" led to "Pope Francis the Destroyer" being put into power.

Secondly, someone either leaked or posted a pastoral letter the Pope gave to some bishops back in his home country for their bishop's conference. Because it dealt with communion and remarrieds without annulments (w/divorces,) and how to implement 'the most heretical document that has evuh been released by the Church,' Amoris Laetitia, the RMTs screamed bloody heresy and accusations foul of His Holy Father, for dealing with a situation pastorally, despite it using something called the "Internal Forum" which is acceptable in certain circumstances in the Church when applied properly, as discussed here by GladTrad Fr. Mcdonald of Southern Orders.

As for personally, myself and a few other friends of mine are coming under attack by forces we can discern is not of Christ, from those who seem friends and "good" Christians, but are truly doing the Evil One's work with loosened and foul tongues of slanderous/detracting nature, and gossip. Between our work for a living, our spare time, and personal challenges, it seems like the Lord is allowing us to undergo these times of trial, bringing us closer to our Faith and showing us what is His Work, and what is not. He certainly is testing our faith. We know, though, that as he showed the disciples in the Gospel with the crashing waves that stormy day (Mark 4:31-41,) when you have true Faith and love of the Lord, the most violent storms will be dissipated by Him, who is our Sovereign King!

In light of the nastiness flowing about, both online from these RMTs and from those in our personal lives, allow me to repost a valuable catechesis shared to me by one of my Catholic friends from our Holy Father. What great timing! Thanks for the gift! My emphasis will be bolded and red coloured text, occasionally underlined too. Deo Gratias. Pax, Julian.

Pope: jealousy and envy are sins that kill with words

Pope Francis celebrating daily Mass at Casa Santa Marta. In his homily, the Holy Father spoke against the sins of jealousy and envy. - OSS_ROM
Pope Francis celebrating daily Mass at Casa Santa Marta. In his homily, the Holy Father spoke against the sins of jealousy and envy. - OSS_ROM
21/01/2016 11:47

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis celebrated Holy Mass on Thursday, the feast of Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr. In his homily, the Holy Father prayed that God might preserve us from the sins of envy and jealousy – ugly sins that kill others with words and that exist even in our Christian communities.

Envy is an ugly sin that grows like a weed
The first reading (1 Sam 18:6-9; 19:1-7) tells the story of Saul, the king of Israel, and his jealousy towards David. After the victory over the Philistines, the women joyfully sang, “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands.” From that day forward, Saul looked on David with suspicion, fearing that David might betray him. Ultimately, Saul decided to kill him. Later he followed the advice of his son and reconsidered. But his wicked thoughts returned. Jealousy, the Pope said, is “a sickness” that returns and brings with it envy:

How ugly envy is! it is an attitude, it is an ugly [DEADLY] sin. And jealousy or envy grows in the heart like a weed: it grows, but it doesn’t allow good plants to grow. It harms everything that its shadow seems to fall upon. There is no peace! It is a tormented heart, it is an ugly heart! But the envious heart, too – we hear it here – leads to killing, to death. And Scripture says clearly: through the envy of the devil, death entered the world.”

Envy kills, even in our communities
“Envy kills,” the Pope said. “It does not tolerate others having something that I do not have. And it always suffers, because the heart of an envious or jealous person suffers. It is a suffering heart!” It is a suffering that desires “the death of others.” “But how many times,” he asked, “in our communities – and we don’t have to look too far to see this – are people killed, through jealousy, with the tongue? Someone is envious of this, of the other, and they begin to gossip – and gossip kills”:
I too, thinking and reflecting on this passage, invite myself – and everyone – to see if, in my heart, there is any jealousy, any envy, which always leads to death and doesn’t make me happy; because this sickness always leads us to regard the good others possess as if it were against us. And this is an ugly sin. It is the beginning of many, many crimes. Let us ask the Lord to give us the grace not to open the heart to jealousy, not to open the heart to envy, because these things always lead to death.”

Jesus handed over out of envy
Pope Francis concluded by noting that Jesus was handed over to Pontius Pilate because of the envy of the chief priests and the scribes:

“According to the interpretation of Pilate – who was very intelligent, but a coward – envy was what lead to the death of Jesus: the instrument, the ultimate instrument. They handed him over out of envy. Let us also ask the Lord the grace never, because of envy, to hand over to death a brother, a sister of the parish, of the community, or even someone in our neighbourhood. Everyone has their sins, everyone has their virtues. They are specific to each individual. Look at the good, and do not kill with gossip through envy or jealousy.

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