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Can't Believe I'm Going Rad Trad Here ... Ashamed of PC Leader Patrick Brown as he Betrays his Catholic Faith on Facebook (TM).


You know, I loathe to do this. I hate doing anything resembling what the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists do. However, sometimes, for the sake of your fellow brother and sisters in Faith, so they can properly act out their faith, you must proclaim something public ally.

Actually, no this is different from what the RMTs do. They use their blogs to lie and slander and destroy the Church from within to fit their puritanical views. Me, I am just heartily disappointed, sad, angry, and hurt quite deeply. More and more, I begin to wonder if there are few if any True Catholics left in the Church, who TRULY obey Holy Mother Church, where everyone just gives her fake lip service.

Once again, as a young adult engaging my vocation to marriage fully (with plans for a family in future,) I am seriously now seeing many "leaders" in my life fall like dominoes, with all their evil acts on display, and how they disobey the Gospel and Church, or act like hypocrites who say they Love her and truly hate Her, Latin Mass or not. These once "heroes" end up being cowards, villains, or not the people I thought they were. Priests, laity, acquaintances in Faith ... and now secular politics.

I must thus inform you of a radical turn in the direction of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, in the form of it`s leader, Patrick Brown.

Patrick Brown of the Ontario PC's becomes an all inclusive "gender-bread" loving guy ...

Yes. Another of my heroes has fallen to the "equality" based LGBQT2IXYZDoubleB agenda. really, there's too many letters and numbers in all that stuff. When Patrick Brown became the replacement for Tim Hudak, he came out strong against Kathleen Wynne's Sex Ed curriculum update developed by now criminally charged pedophile, Benjamin Levin. However, likely in light of trying to steal a new voter base in the homosexuals who LOVE their lesbian premier, he's flipped flopped and is now Mr. inclusive.

Here is the full text of Patrick Brown's abandonment of traditional PC values and his Catholic Faith in endorsing positions contrary to the Catholic Church, from his Facebook feed, of which Facebook is a publicly owned company and entity, and Patrick Brown's "vote for me" page is view able to the public who has a Facebook(TM) account :

Dear friends,
I’ve said that I’m a pragmatic Progressive Conservative.

It means being willing to change your mind when presented with compelling evidence.
And accepting good ideas no matter where they originate. There are plenty of political experts who will say this is weakness. I think Ontarians are more reasonable.

Yes, my views on Ontario’s sexual education curriculum—and similar issues—have evolved.
I opposed the changes to the curriculum when they were first announced. They were undeniably controversial and Kathleen Wynne failed to explain it adequately to parents. Even Dalton McGuinty backed away from implementing them.

Time and the evidence of my own eyes tells me that I was mistaken. Concerns were exaggerated and have not borne out. I’ve met with many educators, parents, and school boards—some of whom opposed the curriculum—and they are satisfied with how it’s been implemented. Further, I have since come to the conclusion that significant opposition to the curriculum was rooted in a refusal to accept LGBT elements into the curriculum.

It’s not the first time I’ve been on the wrong side of an issue. In 2006, as a young MP I voted for a motion to reopen debate on the definition of marriage. Like many people, I’ve been shown countless times in my life by friends, family, and those I love how wrong I was to take that view. Today I strongly support marriage equality. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you love and no government has any business saying it does.

As I said last month, and as I will continue saying, while I deplore the absence of consultation with parents, I strongly support the updated sex-ed curriculum. I will never support removing LGBT sensitivity or combating homophobia from schools. It is important to have sex education to combat homophobia, and raise important issues like consent, mental health, bullying, and gender identity.

The curriculum must take into account changing attitudes and the world in which children will grow. They are being asked to understand challenging topics in ways their parents were not.

I'm sorry that Mr. Fonseca and members of his group are upset. But I'm running to lead all Ontarians.
And while I stand for consultation, it doesn’t mean opening the door to intolerance.
If the price to be paid is that my political opponents will say I’ve “flip-flopped,” so be it. If you want a rigid ideologue as premier, vote for someone else.

I am determined to lead an Ontario PC Party that is modern, inclusive, pragmatic, and that reflects the diversity and values of our province. To me that means one that is fiscally conservative and socially progressive. I was proud to be the first PC leader to march in the Toronto Pride parade. I was proud to be the first MP in Barrie's history to attend a pride flag raising. It’s who I am.

My Commentary:

What a shame. I truly thought Patrick, having been educated at my high school Alma Mater, St. Michael's College School, and being of what I thought was strong, "conservative" values, was going to be an excellent counter to the fiscal waste and mismanagement, lying, blatant cover up of evidence government of Kathleen Wynne, who also wants to indoctrinate your kids with her sex ed curriculum. I thought that the average family and the future for youth would have been priority one for his mandate as the new PC leader. Nope, I was wrong.

Nope. Mr. Brown abandoned his faith at the halls of St. Mikes the minute he graduated from the school and never re-discovered it again. Sadly, he was taught the version of the grade 12 Catholic Morality course I received, which would have included teachings on moral and ethical topics such as abortion, euthanasia, and heterosexuality, of which the teachers at St. Mikes PROPERLY teach what the Church believes on those areas. Newsflash ... it isn't the garbage Mr. Brown is peddling. Then again even the best Catholic schools, private ones too, cannot protect young men if they choose to be tempted by Satan, the world, and the flesh. Free will, right? The Church can't force people to obey (though RMTs highly WANT to police the Church though ...)

Unfortunately, Mr. Brown's ideals above also mean accepting actions that go part and parcel with the homosexual lifestyle in such "sensitivity" and also .... attacks the Church in that it violates its central teachings of the family as central to God's plan.

Politically, what this shows is he's willing to bend to ANY group just to get votes for the party, will change his belief system even to the affect of violating his own faith to do so, and clearly does not VALUE the sensitivities of the heterosexual families who make up the majority of voters in Ontario. He is also ironically, being a heterophobe in his support of the homosexuals. In terms of getting money and votes, he would have better spent his time peddling to teachers and unions, who, guess what, mainly consist of families, even if they endorse the homosexual tolerance agenda.

Well, I said my peace on his vote for me FB page, and told him off rather curtly. He probably doesn't even respond directly on it, and has someone working for him be a moderator, not to mention many people share my sentiments. I even said I hate the Ontario PCs because of him.

As for how I will vote in future elections, I will be basing it on the party that LEAST violates my beliefs and morality and conscience. If that means NONE of the three major parties, and it is a wasted vote, than so be it. I would rather vote with my conscience and bear the penalty of the majority vote, than to be a willing accomplice to this man's immorality. Also as part of that calculation will be who will be protecting my rights as a husband, future father, worker, and citizen of this province of Ontario, as well as who will be carrying out the mission of the Church in areas such as social justice, but no one area will be to the exclusion of any other.

In the end, you must choose who is the most Christocentric party, who best will express the teachings of the Church ... or at the very least, commit the least evils upon the family, the poor, the marginalized, etc. and the consciences of the citizens of this province of Ontario .... ALL OF THEM! 

BTW might I comment that our economy is a spinning top shape, with the majority of taxpayers being from the middle class ... with families. The homosexuals might be spread all over, but you know who the majority of the taxpayers are. If you truly care about the poor and marginalized, who do you think would be able to contribute the most donations to the Church and the taxes of the government for social programs and welfare? ..... middle class families. It`s your biggest tax pool.

Everyone ... I am afraid that most of us, cannot even trust a single party to vote for. Do not vote necessarily for the PCs, unless they are the best of the three parties. No party, is free from corruption, two-faced ness, lies, scandal, etc. All we can do it collectively, protect ourselves after doing research on each party's platform, campaign, record of successes and failures, fiscal management (and/or lack thereof,) etc. and most of all, who will protect our rights as Catholic citizens of Ontario, and who will look after Christ little ones ... the poor, the children, the mentally challenged (sure as hell NOT Kathleen Wynne who came close to cutting off funding for autistic children! Had the parents of those kids not protested ....) etc.

Now ... I cannot even trust the PC party of Ontario to do even the littlest of what I mentioned above. What a sad future I'll have to entrust to my future children.

Sadly in dismay and shock, at the evil and falling of another "c"atholic "brother" of mine in the Church, Julian.

P.S. Don't count on any Canon Law 915 cries being heard. I know some of you, both foes and friends, are thinking that! BTW, to anyone of you who will use my posting ... You only have permission to do so upon citation and weblinking to this post. Don't forget to also weblink to Patrick's FB post with the link above.

P.P.S. Darn! I should have remembered THIS highly relevant nugget of wisdom from a fellow blogging brother of mine, The Spirit's Sword! Please reread and visit his blog in the post ... not to mention he has two books for sale online. He has a good Catholic family people ... a family being ignored by our current government, and will be ignored by Brown's future PCs.

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  1. private Catholic schools are where it is at.. eg. Mary Mother of God etc etc