Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Hello everyone,

So, remember my request for you to help my Catholic gal pal, Mags, go to Nashville to record some tracks for her new album?

The original post was here: http://torontotlmserving.blogspot.ca/2015/09/help-my-catholic-gal-pal-maggie-aka.html

Well, sure enough, enough people came through up to the last day to help pitch in. MAGS IS GOING TO NASHVILLE TO RECORD SOME OF HER ALBUM TRACKS!!!!!

If anyone helped her out thanks to this blog, thank you for pitching in to help this bright young role model of the Church honour God through her talent of music. Thank you as well to taking a stand against the Radical Traditionalists, who thought they could shame this girl into darkness and despair, and abandon her music career. 

This is the kind of open camaraderie in the Church we need to see more of: Orthodox faithful supporting one another in promoting the future of the Church to develop and express their gifts to glorify the Lord. 

Yes, I know, Gregorian Chant is like the holiest thing ever invented in the Church, and Trads would prefer everyone sings chant, but we have to wake up and realize that there MUST be valid ways for our youth to express themselves as sons and daughters of God in the world, but not of it, as the future of the Church. If all we do is keep slamming down liturgies and rules in their faces, while being hypocrites of various kinds ourselves, then guaranteed, they will turn away from the Church, or stay in "nicey-nice" Novus Ordo land, when they deserved a better welcome to the WHOLE of Traditional Catholicism. 

For our young, Catholic artists in training, or amateurs, or professionals, if praising, adoring, and loving the Lord is through country music, or jazz, etc. as long as our artists do not take the route of the "former" Ms. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who is now the Satan-loving Lady Gaga, then by all the means to show God how we Love Him, when our existence is unnecessary to His sustenance. 

MAGS, great to see you have not given up and are overcoming your adversity!!!! No go do a little honky tonk for us. Can't wait to see the finished project in the new year. 

Pax, Julian. 

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