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All involved in attending or participating in the Latin Mass. Please Read! Important warning of mentally ill or possible, demonically possessed, Anthony Perlas, fraudulently representing Latin Mass societies in USA and Canada.

Normally I do not delve into the darkest recesses of the (anti Church, Christ, Gospel, etc.) areas of Latin Mass culture that threaten to misrepresent he EF. I leave that to the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists usually. However, I must agree with them on this occasion, as it seems a really sick, perverted, and in my opinion, possibly demonically possessed or drug-addled (or both?) individual is fraudulently posing himself and others as a "Latin mass society" in the USA and Canada. I wouldn't care about this, but because this has a strikingly similar name to a sincere society in Canada, an official chapter of Una Voce International, I must warn all of you NOT to allow Anthony Perlas to suck you into his gateway to Hell, disguised as a Latin Mass society. Thanks to Fr Z, I now realize this spiritual threat even extends into my country. 

The story is as follows: In the last couple of years, an individual named Anthony Perlas, became involved with a Latin Mass parish in Los Angeles, California, USA, under the pastor ship of Fr James Fryar. Said individual Perlas, even began receiving altar serving instruction here.

Eventually, Perlas began to expand into actual audio/visual media with a weekly rosary, and eventually even had the assistance of other men in private Catholic Media (even some of those I consider RMT bloggers) participate.

Things went well until recently, when Perlas created a webpage titled the "Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada" webpage. I will not lead you there as contained within are vile perversions of the symbols of the Catholic Faith and Latin Mass, being adorned on models in pornographic photo shoots. Further, as identified on a picture on Fr Z's warning posts, the major symbol contains small but noticeable, inlaid swastikas in the logo, which of course speaks to Neo-Nazi worship.

Now, why should we be aware of this unwilling (or possibly, willing?) servant of evil? Here's why he is NOT in anyway, shape, or form, representing the Latin Mass, but rather the works of Satan:

1) As revealed by Steve Skojet on 1Peter5, in conversation on social media, this individual has believed that a Seraphim revealed itself to him by name. Perlas calls the seraphim(s) Seroptia. In our Catholic belief, we never are allowed to know the name of our angels, save those revealed in Scripture (the 3 archangels.) Revelation of a name is in fact a sign the fallen "angel" or even the daemon is really a servant of Satan.

2) Identification or glorification of Nazi-ism, and its ideals are absolutely contrary to the Catholic Faith. E.g. Genocide, subjective acknowledgement of human dignity and respect limited to certain creeds or religions, etc.

3) Pornography. Mortal Sin, and part of the deadly sin of Lust. Plain and simple.

4) True practitioners of the Catholic Faith, never mind the Latin Mass, would never consistently engage in such virile crimes of morality which are mortal sins against Christ. My point is not to ignore those rightfully deserving of my RMT title, or are hypocrites who attend the Latin Mass and commit immoral or Satanic behaviours with the TLM as a shield, but rather that these things are contrary to the Catholic Faith.

Here is where all the above applies to Canada. In Canada, the official lay man's Latin Mass association, Federation International Una Voce (FIUV), is represented by two officially listed chapters (possibly 3, however the website has not updated this yet.) The two chapters are the Vancouver Traditonal Mass Society, and the Latin Mass Society of Canada (LMSC.) The latter has its base city being Ottawa, Ontario. I covered the LMSC in one of my posts announcing Last year's Sacred Heart Mass for the St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir.

Both chapters, can officially represent the FIUV in Canada, and according to FIUV's laws, use the FIUV's official logo and title "Una Voce." Any sub chapters cannot use the logo and/or name "Una Voce" unless the official chapter of FIUV in their country, has a constitution that extends to sub-chapters. Anyone else doing so legally abuses the name and/or logo Una Voce and its intellectual property, misrepresenting them.

While the LMSC has no official webpage yet, they do have a Facebook account. This fact makes it even more dangerous that Perlas is misrepresenting the Latin Mass and this society. So when people are looking for the Latin Mass society of the UK or Canada, they will encounter Perlas' fraudulent site and see his pornographic photos and heretical ramblings. Innocent believers will then get sucked into becoming a part of the Devil's snares and even his acts.

Therefore, on this side of the border in Canada, let me be the first to forewarn all readers of the following:

Although I, Julian Barkin, sole author of the Servinus Unum Deum website, in no way officially represent any parish, society, charity, or official Latin Mass society/organization, I hereby for the sake of all laity and Latin Mass organizations in Canada, especially for the Latin Mass Society of Canada, (and thus, Federation International Una Voce,) solemnly declare and warn, that the "Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada" run by Anthony Perlas and associates, has ABSOLUTELY NO affiliation to any parish, society, organization, apostolate, website, etc. affiliated with the Latin Mass, in the country of Canada. Any affiliation with Perlas and his site, and the content within, is spiritually grave, and will expose you to moral and possible, demonic evil. 

Finally, let me also share the extent to what association with these kinds of individuals involves, from similar experience. It may also give you insight as to what and why this man is acting the way he does.

A good share of us key players in the Latin Mass in Toronto, used to work with an individual who would assist the Latin Mass via altar serving and web/social media. Unfortunately, this individual had a history of drug abuse tied to his youth, and personal problems that gave him an unnecessary cross. Although this individual likely has a genius IQ, his past drug use may have altered his application of such IQ.

When he started out, his efforts were genuine, and he became a central assistant in his home parish. He even helped create a website for his parish, using computer skills so few people (save programmers and those who study web design/database) have.

However as time proceeded, first he became the unfortunate target of the RMTs, in his efforts to reach out to people. However, the way in which he would communicate, with incessant, non-logical and incoherent, lengthy emails, did nothing in his favour to alleviate the situations. This grew worse when he got into e-mail and Facebook discussions/arguments over certain things with myself and others who were involved in the Latin Mass. Furthermore, this individual had trouble finding work, or even reused to seek even minimal-wage labour.

The end result was that he eventually angered many people in the community, even other parishioners who extended their hand, homes, or wallets out to him. Finally, after approximately 2.5-3 years of this behavior, both his priests (one doing the TLM) desperately tried to intervene, only to be rebuffed at every instance. The worst I witnessed which is publicly viewable as a lengthy audio recording, should you search the individual`s name and look for mp3 audio files, even has the individual speaking heresy (possibly under the influence of drugs in that period) , as well as admitting seeing hallucinations with skulls while hanging at a friend's place. With all efforts exhausted, at this individual was banned from his parish, and moved to another city, totally unrepentant of his actions.

My main point is this. These individuals do need our mercy and assistance. They have major problems in their lives such as drug abuse and maybe even, exposure to the demonic. Unfortunately, these individuals, without sufficient drug treatment and/or exorcism, wreak havoc on others physical and spiritual lives. Yes we are to exhaust our efforts to accommodate these individuals and `walk with them to Emmaus` as much as we can, but should they be resilient and unwilling to work on bettering themselves spiritually, and go down the path of self-destructive behaviour such as this, the end result is a lot of what I`ve described in my case, as well as Perlas. Worse, via the ``mercy`` route, one without seeking spiritual and material justice, these individuals eventually become occasions of sin to themselves and to others. Thus, we must dissociate from them, having done all we can. Actions, such as those of Perlas, are the end result. Drug induced or not ... these actions are of the Devil.

Therefore everyone, please send this out to all your friends and family if they have ANY association with the Latin Mass, especially in Canada. Also, if you are a member of any Latin Mass society, group, parish, etc. then please post this on your blog or website or bulletin, etc. Please just quote me as the source you found the information from, or if you choose one of the other links (e,g. Fr. Z, Skojet at 1Peter5,) please say their webiste or name as the source.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin

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