Thursday, 22 January 2015

Traditional and Orthodox Catholics of Toronto! Now's Your Chance! Give the Church Strength She Needs for Synod 2015

Hello Everyone,

While cruising the Archdiocese of Toronto's website looking at certain pages for information, I found an interesting link on its front page:

What! Unlike the Extraordinary Synod where the Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto decided that feedback was only to be obtained from clergy upon order from the CCCB, His Eminence has decided that we deserve to share in giving our utmost advice on issues for the 2015 Synod in Rome! Here's the full text from the website of the invitation:


Later this year, the Holy Father will be holding an Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on The vocation and the mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world. The synod will take place at the Vatican and will be attended by bishops from around the world. 

The Lineamenta is a document which outlines issues that need to be considered in order to help prepare the working document that will be used by the synod. In order to facilitate discussion, a list of questions has been provided with the Lineamenta. 

As part of this official consultative process, Catholics are invited to share their reflections on topics highlighted in the Lineamenta. As this is an extensive document that covers diverse subject matter, it is recommended that respondents consider selecting perhaps three areas or specific questions to provide informed commentary or insights. A concise response would be appreciated. A synthesis of responses will be sent to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops who will then forward the information gathered from across Canada to the Vatican in preparation for the Synod later this year.

All responses to the Lineamenta must be received no later than Monday, February 16, 2015. Responses can be sent either by e-mail to or by mail to the Office of Public Relations & Communications, 1155 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 1W2.

Thank you in advance for your feedback on these important topics. 

So basically, you pick some focus areas from the Lineamenta, or the questions from the CCCB summary that is part of the website and answer them (3 broader areas or a specific question) and send them to the e-mail to the Archdiocese's communications office. It's that simple! Here are the Lineamenta AND the CCCB summary links: (The so called "questions" seem to be the ones in this document)

A priest friend of mine has already alerted me to this as well. And I do appreciate it. See folks, a lot of the time, it's the active, loudmouthed liberals and "change people" that write to chanceries and to the Vatican with their groups in these kinds of things. When it comes to the Traditional side of things, it tends to be letters of shame, detraction, so and so did X wrong in the liturgy, excommunicate people like Michael Coren (just couldn't resist, ha ha ha!) ... and you wonder why no one in the hierarchy of the Church wants to listen to the Traditional Catholics. 

Well, let this be your chance to actually shine and show the Church what is needed with regards to this synod. Please follow the website's instructions and submit your feedback to the office, no later than Mon, Feb 16, 2015. You have almost a month. That should give you time to formulate an articulate, clever response that can benefit His Eminence when he must submit his information to the CCCB. 

Look, I get it that people in the know view the CCCB as some Liberal dark cloud blah blah blah usual Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalist garbage. But look, if YOU and many other Traditional Orthodox Catholics do NOT write to His Eminence, it will be the liberals and those who are not sufficiently educated (or manipulated by the Culture in their weak formation of Faith) who will write to Him, and then what will he have to present to the CCCB? HE WANTS YOUR HELP!!! YOU KNOW HE'S MORE OF A ROLE MODEL VS OTHER BISHOPS AND CARDINALS TODAY!!!! YOU MUST put your feelings aside, and assist him! 

I am certainly one Glad Trad that will be assisting His Eminence and the whole of the Church by doing this in my spare time, and I implore you to do the same. "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing" was the expression, Well, how about good men and women do something for a change and actually assist the Church by showing them that even in Canada, we don't want radical pastoral change to make Church doctrine/dogma moot in areas of Family and Life! At its absolute worst ... at least you did your part and tried and fought for Her Holy Mother Church. 

Let's do this for His Eminence, for His Holiness, and for the Church! For the Family and Life!

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

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