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REPOST: Commentary on the Proclamations Against Banning of Laity from SSPX Worship Centers on the Internet Part 2: My Two Cents

The following is a repost due to text formatting problems between my e-mail and Blogger in creating posts.

My take on these matters

After all this, here is my take on the issue, based on my status within the Latin Mass in the archdiocese of Toronto, as well as a young adult male.

As to the canonical arguments, I say that the analysis and literal defense using canon law is logical. The consultation was proper and done correctly.

Practically speaking however, in respectful disagreement to these organizations, and any other allies of mine (or even, enemies,) I do not support the criticism outright. On the ACTION alone, not the motivations of the bishops accused, I am actually in favour of the bans of the faithful from the SSPX chapels for various reasons:

1) The message to the lay faithful that rebellion against OHCA Church is unacceptable for any reason: 
Plain and simple, the SSPX and their lay faithful are in NON-HOLY disobedience to Holy Mother Church, despite the use of a valid liturgy and following every "t"radiation with the EF liturgy and adhering to older catechisms such as Baltimore.

Such disobedience to Rome and disparaging of the Post-Vatican II popes is prideful disobedience a la Satan, "a non-Serviam," as it were. Most lay Catholics do not know of the spiritual dangers and possibility of schism that awaits them upon participating in their Pseudo-catholic life. It is essentially, Protestant (in what they do,) to quote a Latin mass priest one diocese over from us. If you are curious who, it is Fr. Paul Nicholson, though I do not support him because of associations with Radical Catholic Reactionaries (e.g. Michael Voris), despite the good and holy work he does as a priest. (Sorry, no links. search for him yourself.)

Let an analogy make more sense of what I am saying here: If I knew that there was a lake with sharks in the middle, and if I put myself in a boat on that lake, knowing the current will eventually drift me to that middle, to do so would be personally irresponsible of my life. If I was watching someone get into a boat on that same lake, knowing it would drift to the center of that lake where the sharks are, but that person did NOT know of the sharks, and there is no lifeguard already, it would be my responsibility to ensure the safety of that person and warn him, "Hey don't get in that boat! there's sharks in that lake and the currents are too strong and will draw you to where they are!" To not do so or to absolutely not care about that person would cost him his life, and I would sin by omission of not letting that person know of the sharks.

The same goes for one's spiritual salvation, and our true ``life,`` the soul. Why, for our bishops to slack off and NOT stop laypeople from drifting into those shark infested waters is gravely irresponsible and a millstone around the weakly catechized laity.

Banning the SSPX attendance to me is a valid action on its own, in that it will prevent laity from being suckered into spiritual death, foolishly hypnotized by the physical trappings of a "c" atholic life, while sinking further and further into schismatic actions, after being brainwashed by the leaders of the SSPX, and other like-minded drones of the Society who have ``drank the kool-aid`` as it were.

2) Because there are ever more increasing options for Latin Masses worldwide, making the argument that they provide what the Church is lacking, null. 
Alright, now before you turn your plowshares into implements of violence to be aimed at me, I get that not every diocese in the world has a Latin Mass, or bishops that at least look the other way when a Latin Mass is put on. However, offerings are gradually increasing of all levels of the Mass, even pontifical. Look around the traditionalist sites on the Internet, especially with this month's solemnities of All Saints/All Souls. While there needs to be an increase of more offerings in good geographical distance to the faithful, especially daily at accessible times (e.g. the evening), you CANNOT say under the Franciscan pontificate that he is killing the Latin Mass.

If that were so, he would have issued a motu proprio that would reverse Summorum Pontificum, or stacked the PCED with Liberals if he was so inclined. So while pre-Summorum Pontificum, the SSPX were the ones selling the "product" before, (the Mass of course is NOT a consumer product! But I am using a cruel business analogy to convey my idea,) the SSPX now have little to no credence to their "emergency situation" of the Catholic Faith in the liturgy anymore.

You might be inclined to argue, "well, there isn't a diocesan Latin Mass near me save a 2 hour drive. SSPX is 20 min away from me, so your a jerk Julian!" Well Trad Behaving Badly,when it comes to that argument, sorry to be blunt, but YOU ARE WRONG. You are to fulfill your obligation, whenever, wherever you can, at a Catholic Church in communion with Rome, in a valid and licit liturgical rite. If it is the choice between Fr. Liberal weenie's, fluffy bunny, Novus Ordo, a Methodist Church, and a SSPX chapel, you suffer through the banal liturgy of Fr. Liberal's Church  and offer it up to Christ. As long as major violations aren't made, and the basic conditions are met, it's a liturgy to fulfill your obligation. Also, St. Louis Jesuit tunes and a priest with "showman" like qualities in his character and preaching, are NOT valid and licit reasons to attend the SSPX liturgies.

Only in the most extreme scenario, such as this would it be acceptable to attend the SSPX for Sunday obligation: A vacation for a work-related conference in Las Vegas, and you are stuck at the cheap desert strip motel, you can't travel by car and are forced to use public transit. The next, nearest, Catholic church is 1.5 hours away by car, and it's either: the United Church, the Evangelical mega-Church, or the SSPX church. Then fine, you can go to the SSPX chapel ONLY to fulfill your obligation, NOT to consume its Eucharist (unless you are truthfully ignorant of their full situation) and participate in the livelihood of the Society. Do you get it? Extreme scenario here! This is NOT the norm for many of the Catholic faithful worldwide!!!

3) This shows that the Radical Traditionalist way, is an extreme barrier to the success of the Church's mission to evangelize, and that we must be Glad Trads in order to further the spread of the Latin Mass: 
How can I put this? Most prelates are anywhere from OK to gung ho about it. They cannot outright ban it, and realize that to do so would show outrage and reveal their true colours, resulting in a bureaucratic and public relations nightmare for the Church in the age of the Internet at the hands of the conservatives and Radical Traditionalist Catholics. However, even among more "neutral" to pro-Latin Mass clergy and bishops, one can generally agree and/or infer from even Internet coverage, they want nothing to do with the radical traditionalists who take every chance to be "chicken littles" spouting calumnies, detractions, and slanderous things in person and on-line. This includes the clergy and those in the episcopacy in the Archdiocese of Toronto, all the way up to the Vatican itself
under Pope Francis.

If there is one recurring theme in Pope Francis' homilies or fervorinos from the daily Masses it is that being a religious Pharisee is unacceptable in the Church and stifles the proclamation of the Good News. Further, I can personally attest to this, these radical traditionalists and attendees of hardened hearts, do NOTHING GOOD for promoting the Latin Mass, and only drive these prelates further to stifle it in any way possible. They might appear pious at face value, but their actions in person and their writings only garner negative attention, and paint a broad brushstroke over Traditional Catholics and Latin Mass goers as vile people.

The truth is far from it! However these self-appointed "high priests" of the movement don't care what happens to other Latin Mass goers! They continue to disparage even good Traditionalists and clergy, all for some self-imposed militant agenda. Was it not in the 2nd Letter to James that St. Paul quoted, "Faith without works is dead?" and elsewhere in the Bible, that "by their fruits you shall know them?"

So to me, should the bishops` motivations be deceitful, they should be chastized and penalized for abusing their magisterial authority in the church to cause further division. If not they have done a great service in in protecting the lay faithful. At least, it tells the general uneducated populace that "Hey! These guys are spiritual bad news! They aren't the good Trads! Stay away from them and go seek out the right Trads who are carrying the Good News of the Lord to fruition." Let us pray it`s not the former for their motivations.

If this is with good intention, then this is exactly what I want to see in my Church of mercy! I want to see prelates and laity telling these fake/hypocriticial/slanderous/pharisical, etc. Trads that your actions are contrary to the Gospel and that the Latin Mass is NOT a political football to be lobbied at both true, and perceived/false heretics, as a nuclear bomb! 

Further, as a young person, I HATE, I repeat, I HATE bullying, harassment, and disparaging attitudes and comments, from those who are, or think, they are superior to us. My generation will NOT tolerate such garbage and are not afraid to vocalize our displeasure. Some of those disgusting comments are, for example, to women, that they should not wear pants, or that they are taking away jobs in the Church from men. Online, constant accusations of heresy, sinfulness of other people up to the Holy Father, shows us that you are disgusted to be in the Church, and then why should we give you any respect or authority in return, when you lack any ability to be humble and in servitude to others?

For those of weak faith, they WILL NEVER COME OVER when you show such false example of the Catholic Faith. For those of us involved in the Latin Mass or of strong faith, I will protect my good and noble young brethen,and purposely NOT send them to your Latin Masses, or communities I know poisoned by Radical Catholic Reactionaries or sourpuss parishioners!

If you are like that with the Latin Mass, we will never come. New converts to the Latin Mass .... 0!  Good noble Catholics or the unconverted remaining where they are .... millions and counting.

Therefore, the way and the example we need to give is inherent in these actions. We must avoid acting like the disobedient SSPX and their supporters who consider them "good friends." Crediting the SSPX with keeping the Latin Mass alive, and knowing they are Catholics on paper, (though are considered Christian brethen like other non-canonical or non-communion Christians) is as much credit we should give them until the Vatican says other-wise. But go no further unlike the poor example of their R.C.R. ``friends.``

Rather ... we should act Gladly! Joyfully! In union in mind, body, and soul with the Magisterium and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic, Roman Catholic Church! If that means not supporting Radical Traditionalist blogs, Latin Mass organizations with noted and/or known, spiritually dark influences, and going and supporting Glad Trad ones, so be it!It is better that these actions are done, than to stick one's head in the sand with the radicals, or not support the Latin Mass at all.


And thus ends my lengthy but needed opinion on these bans. I do like the ultimate inner message that these bans send to the average lay faithful, in protection of their souls. However, should it be true that the bishops did it in spite and not solely to protect the faithful, then they have committed errors of judgement in their part, and abused their authority, without checking the existing Church laws.

Still, I support the deeper message behind it, that it once again signals where we as a Church MUST take, and deal with, the Latin Mass, in order for it to be a fruitful part of the New Evangelization, and not a divider that splits the temple in two, wielded not by those whom are thinking with the mind of the Church. It all depends on how we approach it, and that we do not allow the sins of the Devil to take over us and corrupt the beautiful treasure, "re-furbished" to us by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Keep on being Glad Trads everyone and fighting in the right ways for the Latin Mass!

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.


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