Monday, 24 November 2014

Puffed up with Pride and Slanderous Over Wee Little Nuts ....


Yep .... The Radical Catholic Reactionaries are at it again, ruining the Latin Mass as usual and kicking out and insulting the impure ones ....

Hello Everyone,

It has come to my attention that a certain aficionado, who should know better in their position as a leader in the Latin Mass, and as a member of a popular Catholic charitable organization I am also a member of, has decided once again to be passive-aggressive and insult the good work of myself and others who hold the Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

While I won`t give a name here, this person, and their allies, should know who they are, though anyone else reading can feel free to investigate this for their own. Personally, this time, I will not stand for it. Should that person want to make themselves known, go ahead.

First, thanks to this individual for ``educating`` those who care about the Latin Mass (ummmm .... the majority of everyday Catholics do not go to the EF and go to the Novus Ordo ....) and get involved in it anywhere in this Archdiocese. However this self-made liturgist`s ``lesson`` is not merely educational, but a slanderous, smack in the face to myself and those who organize, serve the Holy Mass in the Latin Rite in this Archdiocese. Where has he attacked myself and my allies who serve the TLM?

1) The blogger has stated that the rubrics for the EF are narrower, and that it is a solemn duty to stick to them. What is implied here is the first slanderous attack. Because we did not stick to the rubrics to a "T", the priest, the servers, and the choir, are assumed to have caused what would be equivalent to a mockery of Christ and perhaps, going to far as to imply (not literally write) us of causing a mortal sin in the statement. I find it quite odd that when there are Christian brethen getting slaughtered by a religion the blogger considers of Satan, that he would equate the addition of one more server outside of the rubrics to be equivalent to a spiritual crime. There are bigger "demons" attacking the Church to slay here, and no I do not mean the Muslims.

Was Christ still validly and licitly present in that Mass, and consecrated into the Body and Blood of Christ? YES! Was a sacrilege against Christ committed in having the 3rd server? NO! Does anyone else care but the picked-faced people that Pope Francis refers to? Not at all. There are clearly greater moral and vicious matters at hand in our Catholic world to get "righteously" angry about vs. something as petty as this. Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype of the "Angry trad" who cares only for specific things and showing the world what Latin Mass people are about. Converts to the Latin Mass after the posting on a Latin Mass society's blog maintained by the blogger ... (drum roll please) ... 0! 

2) The very fact that this wonderful post had to appear on the Latin Mass organization`s blog, shows again a lack of servant leadership and direction, rather instead it is one of the cruelty and harshness of the Pharisees` of Jesus time. In other words, the lack of practice of the example and mission of our Lord, Jesus Christ. By smearing such disgust with what we do, you are airing ``dirty laundry`` publicly on the web and embarrassing your organization.

For those of you who are part of the society, are you not ashamed at the "leadership" of your executive and its presidency? Are you not embarrassed at how the stereotypes of people who are Traditional Catholics/Latin Mass goers keeps being repeated here? Will you stand by idly and say nothing while those who represent your spiritual interests throw it away on actions NOT of Christ's doing? Perhaps before the end of this year, you should seriously pray and ponder over the questions I have asked. Is there something you can do to make things more charitable and profitable for the sake of the Latin Mass in general, and in the Archdiocese of Toronto?

Regardless, this is uncouth behaviour, not fitting of Catholic gentlemen or ladies, of any age, especially those who attend and assist in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite. A Catholic of good moral fiber and practicing virtue, would have restrained from such practice by applying the virtues of Prudence and Temperance. Might I also add that this does NOT look good on that Latin Mass society, and will only serve as negative public relations? What priest or parish in their right mind wants to hire a Latin Mass choir who loves to insult their own kind on a daily basis?

This was clearly NOT an issue of grave morality or offense to Holy Mother Church, nor an attack of Satanic nature to wound Christ, nor something that would cause the loss of faith in those who are part of the Church Militant. If it was absolutely necessary to discuss this issue, it could have be taken up privately, with those who organize the Latin Masses in our Archdiocese including the priests involved (and perhaps even our wonderful ++Collins too, who`s quite enjoyable to socialize with,) perhaps over a round of beers and cigars and fine food. And lest such leaders refuse to consult with you do to past offenses, how hard would it be to just leave it alone, and simply continue with one`s own way? We are just small bit players in the Grand Divine scheme of things, with me just being a mere 31 year old altar server with a blog that gets few hits and readers. Why worry?

When one smears dirty laundry like this publically, all someone has done is give more fuel to the fire for those elements of the Church, even those who are pro-Latin Mass, to have (misguided or purposely abusive) credence, to banish the Latin Mass under the Franciscan pontificate. Archdiocese offices do get word about such our activities online, you know, even direct emails from the lay faithful. And (arch)bishops and Cardinals DO read them.  

3) To throw these rubics in the face of us, is not only insulting to us, but also is slanderous against the Holy alter christi, who celebrate the EF Masses. You are directly insulting the EF priests!!!

A good friend of mine in our circles, informed me that in the past when the FSSP had sent Fr. Venette to the archdiocese of Toronto to do the FSSP mission, he DID use more than two servers for what was a sung Mass in the EF. They were NOT always at the level of the traditional "Missa Cantata." The chastising individual WAS around at the time of that priest's tenure here and even attended Fr. Venette's Masses. If this is a violation of the rubrics, why then, did they NOT (to my knowledge) approach Fr. Venette and "educate" him on the rubrics of the EF, something an FSSP priest should have been thoroughly educated and trained in? Was it maybe because that individual was not in a position of self-important power, and wasn't at the level he is now in terms of involvement in the Latin Mass? Could it be that the person's allies view us as competition and a threat? hmmmm ....

Furthermore, when the Latin Masses, particularly at special feast days are held at St. Lawrence the Martyr without requested assistance (that is, they do not ask any of the lay choirs for help, including serving help directly) they have done a quasi-sung Mass, or a Low Mass with sung chant, with more than two servers. We did this only with a cantor for Christmas Day Mass in 2012. Please see here as a reminder of my report. Perhaps this legalistic individual would be so inclined as to "politely" address Fr. Steven Szakaczki, (ho has assisted with ALL Latin Mass groups in our archdiocese) or even, pay him a personal visit to "educate" him that to have more than two servers for a Low Mass with sung music is a violation of his solemn duty to administer Mass as a Priest of Jesus Christ. This is what the individual is implying without realizing.

4) This shaming post includes additional information dated December 1, 2013, yet the posting cannot be found on the blogger`s society website, nor the blogger`s personal blog, in archives. This shows they took down the post at some point. This is not the first occasion of covering one`s detracting and/or slanderous evidence on both blogs.

Considering that in the Novus Ordo (that other wonderful form which isn't your cup of tea), the Feast of Christ the King was celebrated, and in Year A it's Matthew 25, the parable about the sheep and the goats, wouldn't it be more fitting as a role model of our faith, to balance your faith with works (cf. James 2), and tend to Christ's brothers and sisters, including fellow Latin Mass Catholics, instead of wasting your breath on tongue-in-cheek insults?

And finally, if the blogger has no authority, nor their society as it were, to be the authority on the Latin Mass, then, what right do you even have to post something like that in the first place when your intention was to slander and detract those who do not serve your self-standards of the Latin Mass or what is ``proper?" Have you ever heard the expression, perhaps that one's mother would teach them, "If you can't say anything nice, it is better not to say anything at all." If you have no authority on liturgical or faith matters, unlike the Magisterium of the Church, how can we regard anything you say as "authoritative" to begin with? Why should one listen then to what is said?

To the readers, at this point, I ask you,  do you think that, publically on the web or in person, it is appropriate to speak to an individual or group of individuals in such a manner, particularly priests, about such minutia in the scope of things? Hopefully you see my point.

.... or have revolted at the sharp, nasty point of his. 

I think that the best way to end this is with the Words of the Holy Father himself, from earlier this month on November the 10th. In his daily fervorino, he talks about scandal in the faith, along with commitment to the Catholic faith and obligation to go to Mass. The final paragraph of the summary on Radio Vaticana, is quite telling about the spiritually sick situation that has been unleashed on the web this past evening, the 23rd of November, 2014. Perhaps, this individual, should listen to our Holy Father, particularly in this direct English translation of his Homily`s end:

"Without faith you cannot live without scandal and always forgiving. Only the light of faith, the faith that we have received: the faith of a merciful Father, a Son who gave His life for us, a Spirit that is within us and helps us grow, faith in the Church, faith in the people of God, baptized and holy. And this is a gift, faith is a gift. No one with books, going to conferences, can have faith. Faith is a gift of God that comes to you and this why the Apostles asked Jesus, 'Increase our faith!' ".

All readers, please pray for these people, who take on the false mantle of Pharicism in their ``leadership```, that they may realize that their behaviour wounds their brother and sister in Christ, and will only serve to aid the Devil in his bloodthirsty quest to dissolve the Church on Earth, via the loss of individuals to mortal sins and obstinacy in sin. They drive away not the money lenders from the temple but the observant and faithful.

May God grant us even more, an increase in our Faith, and that we might, particularly with this upcoming liturgical season of Advent, EF (and OF), forgive our brethren for what they do in their quest for the practice of the One True Faith, and as Christ desired, hope that someday, we may all be united as one.

Pax Tibi Christ, Julian.

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