Thursday, 7 August 2014

Some Small Updates and Works in Progress

Short story, I`ve made a couple of additions to the blog rules page, effective immediately.

I`ve noticed a trend of leaving a disparaging comment or two in my comment box, that the commentators know won`t be posted, but they think it`s fun to do. This has happened on occasion, and I`m sick of it. Big bad comments are now grounds for public banning on SUD, and lighter, passive-aggressive types of comments are grounds for a warning (with maybe one more after that, but never three warnings).

In addition, I`ve decided I need to get back to developing the crux that goes with this blog: Latin Mass Serving Posts. I`ve currently got a draft for the Acolyte position in progress, but I think I will add to that, and complete first, another post for serving the Low Mass solo. I did not do solo serving first, as I started out with two person Low Masses in training. Just don`t expect them anytime soon. They require much work and I do more than just say, ``this is what you do at each part`` as I try to go into the importance of the role, and I do consult serving resources to make it a more complete posting.

Pax, Julian.

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