Saturday, 23 August 2014

Change of Heart for Me for Latin Mass Attendance

Hello Everyone,

For those who have been consistently reading my blog, a number of months ago, I made a post "Au Revoir" whereby after a length of time I initially decided tune out of the Latin Mass because of the nefarious actions of the Trads Behaving Badly and their adherents.

The stronger adherents, who think their masters are the authorities on the Latin Mass, act as their spies in misguided loyalty to them and report back on anyone and anything in the Archdiocese that might be of interest to their masters, or when other Latin Mass people do things against their Radical Catholic Reactionary code.

Because of what these adherents do, and that I would see some of those adherents at my closest TLM parishses of St. Vincent De Paul and Holy Family, my resolve included not going to Latin Masses unless with family and friends, or serving only those Masses alongside what I consider groups and parishes not poisoned by these TBBs, such as St. Lawrence the Martyr (where they only "visit" and occasionally hold a Mass, with the clergy being tolerable and not biased towards one side or another), and the St .Patrick's Gregorian Choir (100% TBB free!)

However, in reflection, I have decided that despite what they do, why should they limit where I can go in my attendance to the Latin Mass? If they are there, as long as they keep to themselves, and if they interact with me civilly and do not act on whatever grievances they have against me or loyalties to their lay masters, why should I not partake in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Now, should of course they do want to act on their spite or I figure out they are setting me up for something sinful, I certainly won't hesitate to bring up such concerns among my allies or respected clergy involved, but I should not let them fear me out of the Latin Mass.

So therefore, if I want to go to a Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto, despite the lack of vigilance against TBB behaviours, alone or with family/friends, I will go in unto the altar of God, [and] to God, Who giveth the joy of my youth.

Now, as for those of you "Glad Trads", feel free if you spot me after Mass, or before if there is time, to say hello and introduce yourself. Pray with me to the Lord, sit with me too if you like, get to know me, and be an example with me that Glad Trads are here to stay in the Archdiocese and the majority. The true governance of spiritual affairs in the Archdiocese is under the bishops under ++Collins, and the Latin Mass is for ALL types of trads, not just the stereotypical ones.

Before I sign off, upcoming things or intended projects here on SUD:

  1. Thanks to one group now confirming a special TLM offering, the Fall 2014 Special Offerings post will be made.
  2. Altar server postings in the works: Low Mass with One Server, and the Acolyte position.

Pax, Julian.

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