Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Recent Altar Server Book Haul

Hello Everyone,

For those who do not frequent the world of YouTube that much, a "Haul" is basically a purchase of a number of goods at once for one's self.

I said in my 7 Years Summorum Pontificum Posting, I had just recently decided to splurge and purchase a number of books for the Latin Mass, and it wasn't cheap. However, I do issue a correction ... because I got something else too I didn't want at first, but now have (I'll explain below) .... it came to over $220 now altogether.

Here's the latest purchases from FSSP/St. John Cantius:

  • Replacement - How to Serve Low Mass and Benediction by William O'Brien, Angelus Press
  • The Liturgical Altar by Gefforey Web
  • The Traditional Latin Mass DVD from FSSP (Liturgical Publications)
  • Not Pictured - Candles in the Roman Rite by Rev. Edwin Ryan, D.D.
  • Handbook for Laundering Liturgical Linens by Angelus Press
  • Not what I wanted ... 3 Volume set of the Roman Ritual

Yes, two of those books are from Angelus Press, but 1) There is no other publisher to date who's reprinted the books, so you have no choice, and 2) I bought them from the FSSP store online, so at least most of my money is going to them.  

Now, as for that 3 volume set, that's more appropriate for priests. I certainly cannot do sacraments, and I wouldn't likely be able to do any blessings (and certain sacraments e.g. Baptism) unless I was perhaps, a deacon. However, I do still have the set because the good folks at FSSP, in sending me the wrong books, gave me the option of either returning the set (at $150 USD it's a pretty decent loss in profit), or offered the set to me at 1/2 off. Well .... why not! What great customer service! And who knows, maybe there's a priest in my diocese who'd like this. And of course, just today ....

... The right books arrived. The reprint of the Manual of Episcopal Ceremonies originally by Rev. Aurelius Stehle, O.S.B., D.D., revised by Rev. Emmeran A. Rettget, O.S.B., M.A., and reprinted by Preserving Christian Publications.

Hope you enjoyed my latest round of purchases. Pax, Julian.

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