Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Off the Beaten Path: #howtodad ad for Cheerios

Hello Everyone,

Time to take a break from my usual posts, and go off the beaten path. While viewing my blogs, this advertisement popped up in the side screen:


What makes this video so epic? Well it's a salute in an advertisement that hails all fathers out there, but also large families.

Watch the whole thing from start to finish. In the video, this guy has 4 kids. That's right, 4! That is a statement in itself where most families are not procreating enough, especially Catholic families. Further, this dad is NOT a bumbling idiot as portrayed by the man-sterilizing, anti-male, misandrist media and society. No, rather he's protector, advice giver, multi-tasker, and man-in-command of this house as he associates with all the members he's got.

Kudos to General Mills and their latest advertisement for Cheerios. If you aren't a organic foods/health nut, then go buy a box of Cheerios and let them know you did it because of this ad. Especially you Catholics!

Pax, Julian.

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