Monday, 18 November 2013

Highlight: Another False Seer Exposed, Maria Divine Mercy is a Fraud!

Hello Everyone.

Normally, I don't cover this stuff. I don't like to get into "Seers" and visionaries, and the only one that I care remotely about, despite a small number being approved by the Church such as Lourdes, Fatima, and Akita, is Fatima. For the most part, I think it's just lies and temptations to evil, laced with the deadly sin of greed.

However, a few days ago, I was in contact with someone on the phone. I unfortunately had to listen to a lot of horrible misfortune in the person's life, and some disturbing conspiracy theory details that I just couldn't really credit, but it turns out the guy is a devotee or credits Maria Divine Mercy, another one of these hokey seers that is dividing the Catholic Faithful, just like Medjugore.

Well, a blog that I view for certain reasons, churned this beauty! Turns out ... the truth of MDM is revealed ... her name, and the shady business dealings behind the visions, as well as what some Church investigation has revealed about her ... long story short, HER VISIONS ARE NOT FROM MARY!!!! THEY ARE MORE LIKELY FROM THE DEVIL!!! Even our Holy Father, just last week, made a homily about "Mary not being a postmaster sending posts", which we, who aren't stupid and can read between the lines, knows he disapproves of what's going on at Medjugore.

Anyways, read here everyone:

And please, do not be swayed by these false profits, masquerading as visionaries. There's more than one mask the Devil wears to persuade others to fall and serve him. It doesn't always have to be the usual lie-beral means or ideaologies and methods. He uses more crafty means for those who aren't so easily swayed by his usual tricks .... trads behaving badly included.

Man ... I've really not been hearing and seeing great things in my life recently online and in person with regards to the Catholic Church. Please pray for one another, and fast, and do penance. I think things are really starting to turn for the worse ....

Pax, Julian.

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