Friday, 11 October 2013

More Follow up to Stupid Trad Behaving Badly Criticism of Francis "Young unemployed and Lonely Old People" Comment

Hello Everyone,

The four greatest sins that one can make against the Heavens, that cries out for vengeance are:
(1) Willful murder (2) The Sin of Sodom (= homosexuality, despite what others say ...) (3) Oppression of the poor, and (4) Defrauding labourers of their wages.

The above relates to the content of this post.

This post will be covering # 3 and #4 in a sense, tying into the Francis interview in La Repubblica with an Italian Atheist, but also to show how foolish the TBB insults against the Pope's comment on the young and unemployed + lonely old people are, where are Holy Father should be placing any one of X moral issues, liturgical devastation, the Latin Mass etc. on the top of the list.

When I first heard the criticism of this, I was upset, and rightly so at those bloggers of the TBB atmosphere online, personally, and also at more "Pope bashing", a common activity of these TBBs.

Personally, I am upset at these bloggers, because, I am young, but I am underemployed, which to me, for my future, is just as bad as being unemployed. When I do marry and want to start a family, I know unless my wife chooses to work, or comes from unbridled wealth, I will not be able to afford living where I currently am in my area, near my family. Also, when I have children, besides my living expenses, I want their faith intact! This means first of all, a parish with orthodoxy in the Catholic Church, which is a rarity to find with Novus Ordo parishes, unless I have an EF parish nearby.

This will also mean an education that will not corrupt their minds and souls with government interference or "Jesus loves everyone" garbage, which is another increasingly rare occurrence. This limits me to two options: Homeschool, or Private Catholic schools/academies. Both options will be expensive, and to homeschool, that will mean one of us, the wife, or the husband, will have to give up a "normal" job to do so. I will also want them to not be a state of schism, and this will mean my children will NOT be going to an SSPX or other type of TBB school, not in communion with the Church. I heavily desire to AVOID the separate system in Ontario, unless it is our LAST, viable option, in which case both of us in our exhausted and stressful states will have to continually re-educate our kids every night after their daily dose of separate system "religious education."

So, how does what I say tie into the Pope's statement? Well, currently, my job does pays significantly better than minimal wage in our country. However, I know that I am not in the field I was trained for, one that pays a minimum of $30 starting CDN, and can go up to $38-39/hr with experience. This job is in short supply due to our selfish government and the recession back in 2010. Unless I can get a job of this quality, I will NOT be able to afford the salvation of my future children, and barely be able to support myself, and likely, not a marriage. To marry, it might require both of us have jobs, and this significantly will decrease the likelihood of your child maintaining the Catholic Faith after (or even before) high school, without HEAVY supplementation.

In addition, should we WANT that beautiful, orthodox worship with the reverent Novus Ordo or the Extraordinary Form, it WILL cost money. Those booklets, the choirmaster, stipends for the clergy(and maybe servers), choir materials, the altar cards, candles .... it all costs money! And many of the items fit for worship were destroyed in the great wreck-o-vation after Vatican II concluded by misguided or intentionally destructive liberal priests and laity in the "Spirit of Vatican II". So to restore it, IT COSTS MONEY. I covered this important fact in my two cents on the Pope's comment here. It was followed up by apologetics from a Traditionalist blogger, Kevin Tierney, here.

A couple of days ago, something popped up, courtesy of the almighty Father Z:

He passed on a link from another site, of an account of a young woman in the United States of America, currently suffering under the ultra-liberal reign of Anti-Catholic tyrant, President Obama.
Because of his "Obamacare" act he passed in the last couple of years, the sad effects are starting to unravel, including the impoverishment of the young, who DID get a solid education. Please read this young woman's account here, which I have re-pasted below. It`s that important to see what happens when the youth are under/un-employed with suitable paying work:

From Liberty News:

Obamacare Has “Raped My Future!” Says Underemployed College Grad in Viral Letter

Ashley Dionne is a 26 year-old college graduate who says her future has been “raped” by Obamacare, reports Campus Reform.

This University of Michigan alum shared her story of Obamacare sticker shock and outrage with radio host, Dennis Prager.  Here’s a copy of her open letter:

“My name is Ashley Dionne and I’m a 26-year-old recent graduate from Michigan.
The phony Obamacare signup poster boy made me want to send a message about how Obamacare is really affecting people.

I graduated from The University of Michigan in 2009. In my state, this used to mean something, but even with a bachelor’s I was told I was too educated and wouldn’t stay. I watched as kids with GEDs and high school diploma’s took the low-paying jobs for which I applied.

I went back to school and got a second degree and finally found work at a gym. I work nights and only get 32 hours a week for eight dollars an hour. I’m unable to find a second job at this time.

I have asthma, ulcers, and mild cerebral palsy. Obamacare takes my monthly rate from $75 a month for full coverage on my “Young Adult Plan,” to $319 a month. After $6,000 in deductibles, of course.

Liberals claimed this law would help the poor. I am the poor, the working poor, and I can’t afford to support myself, let alone older generations and people not willing to work at all.

This law has raped my future. It will keep me and kids my age from having a future at all.This is the real face of Obamacare and it isn’t pretty.” 

This isn’t the first time an American citizen has discovered the truth about Obamacare.  It will not be the last.

Hear that? Two degrees, only able to get part time work (Full time is 37.5 or 40 hrs a week depending on workplaces or countries/states/provinces) on unsociable shifts that decrease life expectancy, on top of her current health issues, and a high cost on a "young adult plan" to cover her health care needs. She might as well have not done degrees and been uneducated. She would have been better able to score those low-paying jobs. Cleary her higher education does not = good job.

Now that you've read the account, it's clear more and more, that the Pope is right in making the young and unemployed a vital concern of the Papacy or morally speaking. It clearly makes the heavens enraged under sins #3 and #4, and worse, by damming the prospects of the next generation, they will:

1) Not be able to support your generation or their parents when they need health care,
2) Aid in the push of another grave sin, euthanasia, as a morally depraved, but quick solution to rid the taxed economy and impoverished of the ``burden`` of those lonely old people,
3) Because my generation and the one below it will be struggling to provide even the most basic needs for our families, or ourselves, we might even forsake marrying and having a family, and increase the duration of mortal sins, like abortion, co-habitation, homosexuality, contraception, etc. and finally
4) Because you are so addicted to your EF liturgy, No money from the young people = NO LITURGY!

I think I and others have spoken enough on this matter. TBBs, curb your tongue at this one, as the fate of the EF is in the hands of the youth. If you slam the Pope on this one, you are slamming the younger generation. You are slamming the future of the EF, for when you and the older generations die off, it's either we pick up the financial tab, or no one does. Will you destroy one of the New Evangelization's greatest means of evangelization, in the EF, by making the financial future of my generation and under, less of a priority?

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.


  1. Brilliant post!! Our youth are under an insidious attack to destroy their faith by impoverishing them - amongst other things. I believe St. Thomas Aquinas also suggests that for the average man to live a decent and moral life, he needs physical sustenance. The devil and his co-workers are well aware of this and work might and main to ruin the future generations....

    1. Thank you Barona. Your words are highly appreciated.