Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Collection of Highlight Posts about What Pope Francis Said and Apologetics Against TBB Claims

Hey Everyone,

Wow, I've fired of a lot of Highlight posts today. Here's the collection of what I've fired off all in one shot, to defend against what is going around the Trads Behaving Badly blogosphere, by Traditionalists themselves (with a little of my personal $0.02 added in), with regards to the La Repubblica interview with the Italian atheist.

The interview that started it all, from La Repubblica:

The Vatican, put it on their website (not a smart move until it's fully translated and evaluated):

And now, the apologetics posts against some of the crazy claims floating around the TBB blogosphere and critics of Pope Francis:

1) Big Blue Wave - General defense against how the TBBs are slamming Pope Francis because of the La Repubblica interview.
POST 1 -
POST 2 -

2) Kevin Tierney of Common Sense Catholicism - Latin Mass Traditionalist who has done apologetics, and continues to do so. He's now in my sidebars under "GladTrad/Defenders ..."
Post 1 - My Two cents.
Post 2 - Kevin's Take on the Youth Unemployment and Lonely Old People line (which are both tied together) -

3) Fr. John Zuhlsdorf - Traditionalist Blogging Priest who says the EF/Latin Mass blog is "What Does the Prayer Really Say" after his ability to dissect the Latin of prayers in the Mass. Speaks out about the "conscience" line and Jesus being incarnate in the souls of men mis-translation (that makes it look like the Pope promotes heresy and pantheism):
Post 1 -

Now, you got everything together. Have a fun read. Pax, Julian.

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