Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wise Words and a Highlight from Bear of the Spirit's Sword Blog Re: Politics

Hello Everyone,

Eventually once you get into this blogging thing a while, combined with social media, you begin to gravitate to certain groups of like-minded bloggers and discover a few interesting friends along the way.

Once before, I've featured a blogger by the pseudoname of Bear, who runs the blog "The Spirit's Sword." Between some contribution and mutual interest in the Latin Mass/Catholic Tradition, along with supporting a fellow Catholic in their endeavours, I've come to be online friends with Bear, and found out he's even a local blogger! Cool.

Turns out that Bear is quite witty and wise about the world, bearing a different mind, one not so easily flabby like jello and subject to the world and its many foolish ideas and philosophies. Recently, Bear commented on his blog about our ongoing politics in Canada regarding the Euthanasia bill. 

Worst part of North American politics, is that it's essentially a two party, A or B, system, where even our "conservative" party at any level does not entirely endorse principles that line with our Catholic Faith.

In conversing with Bear about politics, I essentially asked, what does one do? Pick the lesser evil? Spoil a ballot in protest or do not vote? (an absolute NO! Think about living in a theocracy with militant enforcement like ISIS or Islamic state countries) Waste my vote on a 3rd party that won't be elected?

In reply to the question, Brother Bear (am I not witty? ha ha ha) had these wise words to say, and I firmly request that all of you, even non-Catholics who do lead virtuous lives or have some sense of practicality/political interest, take them to heart. I definitely nodded my head in firm agreement with a sense of awe at the truth of these words, with a nice little nod to C.S. Lewis:

"I have little advice or hope to offer you. We are, as CS Lewis pointed out, a kind of amphibian: we have one foot in the world and another in eternity. Politics is wholly of the world, and partakes of its corruption. The world and its prince are always against us. The Church itself has amply proved we are not to be trusted with power in this world. When we had power we didn't get a heaven on earth, we got the Borgias. 

Power does not merely corrupt, it draws the corrupt, like steel to a magnet. Our parties, be they as pure in intention as possible, will, when they begin to draw near to real power, draw in those who long for power, who are also exactly those who should never be given any. 

No one rooted in the world will wholly be on our side. No one in power will deal with us honestly. Our only duty in using our vote is to try to lessen the evils of the world. Not to embrace the lesser of two evils, for to embrace the lesser evil is to embrace evil, but to try and vote in a way that will lessen the evils the governments of Canada will bring upon us."

Wow. Well said Bear. I hope that the rest of you readers will also see the profound wisdom in Bear's words. 

Pax, Julian. 

P.S. Interested in more of Bear's way with words? Bear has put their word-smithing talents towards some online e-books, one a script about how Shakespeare should truly be taught, in a delightful and humorous manner, and the other a novel that adds Bear's father's war stories/living in the Era of the Great Depression into an interesting narrative. The novels are called "27 and a 1/2 Short Plays about William Shakespeare" and "Ruminations of a Miserable Failure." Click on the web links attached to each book title and download them for your literary pleasure. I highly encourage you to download these e-books and support this fine author (and in turn, his solid Catholic family. Support a Catholic brother!)

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