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Highlight: Fr. Longenecker Shows You How to Identify an Enemy of the Faith: The Radical Traditionalist. AKA Protestant who is "Legally" Catholic

Hello Everyone,

I realize I have been snoozing away at blogging here on Servimus. I've been busy between my other minsitry activities as well as my wedding preparations, with only two short months away. The date is set for May 14, 2016. Please everyone, pray for us both, as the Devil is seriously trying to wreck things for us, now and for our future, and sometimes I feel he is using anything and even anyone in my vicinity as pawns to destroy us.

Anyways, I know a few people do read this blog or check it every so often, so to keep things fresh, I'll feature a "highlight" of one of my favourite blogs, "Standing on my Head" under Fr. Longenecker. This priest thankfully is orthodox, and detest Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists. This priest is even hated right now by the so-called "true remnant" of the Church because he has respectfully called out the Godless and amoral man that may possibly be the United States' next president, Donald Trump. Unfortunately, in hypocritical and commandment violating action, the RMTs have made Mr. Trump their newest "golden calf" to idol worship, over the Lord Jesus Christ. They think Trump will be some kind of saviour against "those damn Lie-berals" in the church and society, and he's a bully and loudmouth just like them.

Now, what I am featuring is Fr.'s latest article, which is a top ten list of vile and I daresay, Protestant and Satanic behaviours that these RMTs exhibit. Seriously, suck this in and take note, because if you don't know what constitutes an RMT, you will know. With this handy list, you will now know that if you see these actions, who one is.

I'll leave it up to you when you do identify an RMT, if you even dare to try and employ fraternal correction or counsel of these wayward brothers, frequently displaying little to no mercy or reception to spiritual counsel. They abhor mercy and it's current minster of proclamation, Pope Francis. More likely, this list will help you to know who to stay away from, as they are spiritually damaging the souls of the faithful from within the Church (including you.) As arbiters of the Devil's works (unwillingly, or maybe even willingly???) the RMTs rightfully deserve to be isolated and ignored in the Faith when not adhering to the teachings of the Catholic Church and virtue, and if necessary, need to be policed spiritually, and/or civilly/criminally to stop malicious behaviour.

Enjoy from the words of Fr. Dwight Longenecker. Pax, Julian.

Source: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/standingonmyhead/ten-traits-of-catholic-fundamentalism

Ten Traits of Catholic Fundamentalism

angrybible-shutterstockWithin Catholic ultra traditionalist circles a new wave of ugliness has arisen. Numerous traditionalist blogs, websites and publications spew disrespectful hatred towards the Catholic church. They mock the Mass by despising the “Novus Ordo” they denigrate the Holy Father referring to him as “Pope Frank” or “Bergoglio” and refer to their mother the Catholic Church with adolescent disrespect as “FrancisChurch”.
I avoid commenting on the filth because, why wallow in sewage? I’m not going to link to the aggregators and websites in question because if you’re interested all you have to do is snoop around a little and follow a few links. You’ll see how they lie, misrepresent and tear down fellow Catholics, how these self appointed prophets ridicule, gossip and slander their fathers in God, and how these self righteous, pretentious Pharisees vomit their bile on all they meet.
It is pointless to ever argue with these people because they are always right. They have no true repentance in their hearts, but are driven by the worst kind of pride: spiritual pride.
Instead of arguing I would like to point out what is going on. First of all, I think it is unfair to use the term “traditionalist” for these people because it pulls down the many good, sensible and holy Catholics who are traditionalist by nature and by their devotions and worship. These people are my friends and family. I am on their side.
They work hard for the church. They live their faith. They build up their families and their parishes in the faith. These good folks deserve to keep the term “traditionalist” and to honor it with their good, strong, faithful and humble Catholicism.
We should separate the paranoid hate mongers from the rest of the traditionalists. They are not traditionalists. They are Protestant fundamentalists wearing traditionalist Catholic clothes.
I know about Protestant fundamentalism. I was raised and educated among Protestant fundamentalists. Among them were many good and sincere Christian people, but also among them, and driving their religion–was a certain type of religious person whose attitudes mirror exactly the Catholic fundamentalists on the rise today.
Here are ten principles things that connect them:
  1. Private Interpretation – Protestant fundamentalists rely on their own private selection and interpretation of the Scriptures. Their interpretation is always the right one. Catholic fundamentalists rely on their own selection and interpretation of church documents. Like the Protestant fundamentalists they know better than the Pope.
  2. Cafeteria Christianity – The Protestant fundamentalist picks and chooses which parts of the Bible he wants to adhere to. Catholic fundamentalists do the same. They pick which parts of Catholicism they consider “authentic” and ignore or denigrate the rest.
  3. Private Prophets – Protestant fundamentalists alway raise up their own preachers and prophets. Mini demagogues–they cultivate a celebrity status and promote them as infallible mini popes. Catholic fundamentalists fall down before their own prophets and preachers who they also raise to a status of authority that supersedes the bishops and even the Holy Father.
  4. Fortress Mentality – Protestant fundamentalism thrives on the fortress mentality. The little group gets together and builds walls and peers over them at al the “sinners” who are outside the enclave. Catholic fundamentalists practice the same ghetto mentality. “We few, we faithful few!” We are the Remnant of faithful ones who remain. Their response to this blog post, for instance, will be to retreat further into their self made holy fortress and throw stones over the parapet at me–not addressing my points, but resorting to name calling.
5. Invincible Self Righteousness – Protestant fundamentalists are totally convinced they are right.  There is no argument or discussion. Catholic fundamentalists are the same. The have their proof texts. They have their watertight world view. No discussion. No dialogue. It’s their way or the highway. Their response to this blog post will prove my point, for the ones to whom I am referring will not engage my points, but dismiss me and my message.

6. Anger and Violence Fundamentalism is always tinged with anger. There’s no sense of humor here. There’s no joy. There’s no laughter. Especially there is no sense of humor about themselves. Fundamentalists are angry and aggressive, and given enough rope they will move from verbal violence to physical violence. The Catholic fundamentalists who bother to read this far and react in anger to this blog post, for example, will prove my point and they will not even be able to see this themselves.
7. Fear and Loathing Protestant fundamentalists are fueled by fear and loathing. Catholic fundamentalists are the same. There is little light, joy, peace and confidence in their lives. Instead life is narrowed down by fear and loathing. Where there is fear there is darkness.
8. Suspicion and Separation Those who are outside the group are the sinners and suspect ones, but those who seem to be inside the group, but do not share the group think are suspected even more. The only ones who are worse than the sinners outside are the sinners inside the fortress. Therefore everyone inside must conform constantly, and anyone who steps outside the rules or exhibits the wrong attitude will soon be shunned, then excluded.
9. Conspiracy Theories – the atmosphere of suspicion and fear inevitably breeds conspiracy theories. The big, dark nefarious secret powers are always thought to be behind the scenes planning some sort of hostile attack on the select few of the faithful.
10. Persecution complex Fundamentalists do just about everything possible to make themselves obnoxious and unlikeable, then when people dislike them or get down on them they love to play the persecuted victim. It is almost as if they are not only looking for persecution, but are anticipating it with a sick kind of thrill.
Why take time to analyze these ten principles? Because what we see in the extreme religious behaviors of fundamentalists is not limited to Protestants or Catholics. It is actually the sick form of any religion. There are fundamentalist Muslims, fundamentalist Hindus, fundamentalist Jews, fundamentalist Mormons.
You name it. This is the form of religion that is a kind of anti-religion.
Furthermore, as we approach Holy Week, remember that it was this kind of religion which drove the Scribes and Pharisees who eventually scapegoated Jesus and made sure he was killed.
Finally, the analysis is not just a critique of fundamentalists. It should be a sober critique of all Christians because all of us, at one point or another, if we are not careful and prayerful, will fall into these traps to a greater or lesser extent.
I know what I’m talking about because, on my worst days, I see that kind of Catholic looking back at me from the mirror.


  1. Congratulations, Julian, on the forthcoming nuptials! Daily prayers offered up for you and your fiancée. Stay close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


    1. Hi Wendell. Finally getting back to you. Thank you for the wishes and the prayers. The day was beautiful and sanctimonious. Will definitely take the advice. pax.