Sunday, 24 January 2016

Highlight: "Traditional Catholic" Rant of the Day, Courtesy of Terry of Abbey Roads

Hello Everyone,

May the Lord bless you on this, boring old, sickly green, 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time in the "nervous disorder" ..... (High tradmaster stares angrily at me with his lawyer, and his counsel points to a legal paper .... gulp!) .... AHEM! Sorry, I meant the Septugesima Sunday of the year of 2016. For a minute there, the "Spirit" of Vatican II possessed me, Ha Ha Ha!

Anyways, moving on, it seems that we are all in a state of gloom and despair, my Traddie brethen. Many of you seemingly want to abandon Holy Mother Church because our most "fluffiest pope evuh" to quote Trad Hero Fr. Z, has decided that in his whole mercy thing, to make a change to Church Law. He gave that "nice" executive order to Cardinal Robert Sarah of the Congregation of Divine Worship, that the foot-washing para-liturgy (bull excrement, it's not part of the TRUE liturgy) in the Holy Triduum for the Nervous Disorder, be open to all believers, including, women.

GASP!!!! What diabolical-ness!!!! Women in the Sanctuary again!!! Blech!! As if female altar servers and those extra, unnecessary Communion defilers with soiled and unconsecrated hands were not enough!!!

But fear not, my "Neo-Pelagian" friends!!! For I bring you good cheer!!! A young man, by the name of Terry at the blog "Abbey Roads" has turned totally Trad today!!!! Turns out he is a police officer of the Catholic Church liturgical police force!!! Today he gives us his report while on his usual rounds among his confreres at the March For Life!!! And boy did he rake in those sin tickets!!!!

So many liturgical abuses were caught by our dutiful officer!!! Hurrah, finally someone is enforcing Church law and bringing those violators of Christ to justice!!! Now if only he could arrest Justin Trudeau for heresy and declare him excommunicated in a Church court of law, ha ha ha!!!

Anyways, my Traddie brethen, for your hope and joy, here is officer Nelson's report:

So remember my friends, there is always hope. Keep up the good work, only attend the Latin Mass because of examples like above, and we will win in the end, since the rest of the Church embraces sterility and banal on the spot products that pass for "worship."

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Pax Tibi Christi, fratres et sorores. Julius Alexandrius Barkinius. Ianuarius viginti quattuor, MMXVI.


  1. Barkin up the wrong tree bro.

    1. Hahahaha! I've been hearing that one since I was 7. Guess I should have offered a free coupon for a sense of hunour with my posting 😉