Friday, 4 December 2015

Highlight: Patheos Blogger Fr. Longenecker on Pope Francis' Latest Speech Against "Fundamentalists" from the Africa Plane Interview

Fr. Longenecker of Patheos, a convert priest from High Anglicanism, who is "Standing on [his] Head," a well balanced one, takes on the Pope's interview from the plane going back to Rome from Africa, when he made the "fundamentalist" comment, which has made numerous Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists be so blind to not accept this fraternal correction.

Listen to the better, more rational voices out there people, not those with vendettas against Holy Mother Church, and slick venomous words akin to the Devil's twisting of truths into wicked lies. See here:

But for those who wants the meat and potatoes version:

".... I agree. Fundamentalism is a sickness, but that depends of your definition of fundamentalism.

I’d say fundamentalism has several characteristics. First is an extreme literalism about religion and religious texts and teachings. This is also combined with legalism–in which adherence to the moral code and strict rules become the be all and end all of the religion. Thirdly, fundamentalism is also marked by a tendency to paranoia, blaming others and eventually scapegoating others. Fourthly, fundamentalism has a fortress mentality in which those on the inside are the true, right and righteous believers. Those on the outside are infidels, apostates, heretics, the damned and the lost. Fifthly, fundamentalism is, as a result of all this, an unhappy, frightened and often angry place to be.

OK. That’s done. Fundamentalism is a sickness...."

See the link for more. Oh, and those Lie-berals a.k.a. "progressives" are not given a free pass. Fr. Longenecker calls out their shenanigans too.

Pax, Julian.

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