Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Example #224 of Why People Reject Catholic Traditionalism and the Latin Mass ... RMT Combox "Trolling"

Hello Everyone,

You know, I was just having a pleasant time as of late blogging less frequently and uploading more spiritually fruitful and charitable posts in the form of my Liguorian Series, as well as promoting one of my fellow young Catholics, Maggie a.k.a. "MAGS" Wang in her endeavours. Seems there can be no peace in "Traddie Land" as someone had a speckled-filled nutty in my combox today.

Recently, I've been allowing for anonymous comments, because my friends have desired to leave comments on the comment box, but do not desire these radicals chasing them down online or in person. So I did, but did not allow for automatic comment release. Well I knew eventually someone would use the combox to harass me after being considerate to my friends.

Upon creating my support post for crowdfunding Maggie's latest musical endeavor (please click above! She still needs your support!) some Radical Misrepresenting Traditionalist (RMT) with a bone to pick for MAGS, left me this statement, anonymously:

"Misrepresenting the facts again, I see."

My guess is this person decided to be an RMT at this statement from my post: "The Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists tried to harass her and her family. They tried and failed miserably."

Alright, "Anonymous," Time to break things down, shall we?

1. The fact that you didn't have the gall to leave even a pseudonym or at the absolute worst, your initials, while taking a nice little shot at me and Mags, is quite cowardly. Further, you sound like you KNOW intimately the full details of the situation, so how about coming out from your shadows and perhaps saying who you are, and even sharing with me your details??? You can even link to your own blog then and show the world your entry. 

2. I have a pretty good idea who this could be based on what the comment reveals, Thanks to your anonymous comment, you didn't leave your name, but it reveals enough, pointing to a past history with MAGS and or intimate knowledge of certain things, either because you were involved with the situation, or you work for her diocesan chancery, or the parish she filmed at. Just forget it, move on, go to the Latin Mass, and turn a new leaf away from the computer. 

3. This is my blog, and if I choose to editorialize or add flair to my writing, that's my style, it's a "free country" still for blog writing, so tough. You don't like it, go write your own blog, or find somewhere else to comment to your liking. 

4. What I said in the statement above is true. Mags is still writing music, has three or four albums out on Itunes, and is continuing her foray into music. She has not quit her hobby or career (if she does it full time in future), nor is suffering from some sort of psychological/spiritual/physical trauma, just because a couple of local bloggers had some sort of hangup with RMT liturgical stuff shooting a video in a parish a few years ago. SO WHAT I HAVE SAID IS TRUE. She's thriving and the RMTs lost.   

5. Finally, going back to my title of the post, you are not the only one who has maligned my comment box like this. I've also seen this online, even on good, "Traditional," Catholic sites. This kind of behaviour, raiding people's comboxes and/or email addresses, is standard fare for RMTs who do not like the person, or consider them heretics, or who write things that are not correct. This kind of behaviour gives Latin Mass attendees and Traditional Catholics (the good ones, who don't think Francis is violating doctrine) a bad name, and deters people from wanting to pursue the lifestyle/deepening their Faith, in person and online. 

Worse, the lot of you then give the chancery the "crazy person" signal to them, and believe me, they are not stupid and will know who the frequent offenders are and take note. And if you have a ``ministry`` of any sort trying to promote the good of the Church and it`s teachings, liturgical or  doctrinal, well consider your ministry unsupported by the (arch)diocese and it will not be received by the Catholic public and parishes. Then again maybe you belittle those 95% or so of lukewarm Catholics anyways who don`t meet your standards. Just don`t whine in the same breath when your ministry is stagnant because you alienated yourself from the bulk of the Body of Christ in your beliefs and behaviour. 

Keep it up boys and girls. I am sure with behavior like that in 5, exemplified above, all Latin Mass parishes with their offerings will be bursting out of the pews in every Mass, full of joyful, loving Catholics who are evangelizing the Church and their neighbours anew. You will surely convert lots of non-Catholics to the Church that way. 

Oh, and for the record, I'm not officially releasing that comment, nor anything else you throw at me in the combox. However, send me something delicious and juicy, in my combox or email, and it will be ripe for posting, to show the blog-o-sphere your maturity level and the state of your soul. 

Or maybe I won't, cause I have better things to do with my time than hate my fellow "pagan" Catholics or those outside of the faith you see as pagans. 

Finally .... just give it up to Him. Our Church, despite errors due to human concupiscence, is not really that bad. There IS Joy, and that Joy is in the Gospel, in Christ, and if you truly invested in it, you`d be spreading joy too. 

Ahhhhh ..... My Mark Shea moment for today. Pax Tibi Christi, Julian. 

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