Friday, 6 February 2015

URGENT ACTION ITEM: Please Support Pro-Life Ontario PC Leadership Candidate, Monty McNaughton Tomorrow Sat Jan 7, 2015

Hello Everyone,

As stated in my prior post about the Mary Wagner issue (BTW, she had a pre-trial appearance yesterday, maintaining her right to remain silent without legal representation,) should any of my pro-life colleagues have any work or deeds that require assistance or promotion on Servimus Unum Deum, by request (and additionally on my own volition), I an happy to oblige in such pro-life work. This is contrary to the detraction and slander of my character, that my major detractors paint of me as ignoring the issue.

While I will not be able to personally assist in this work without assistance with regards to transportation, one of my colleagues has sent me an invite to an event on Facebook for a talk being given by one of the candidates for the Progressive Conservative leadership for Ontario.

Monte McNaughton is currently the MP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex area. His website and his news bulletins, here.  He has decided to throw in his hat for the running for the leader of the PC party in Ontario, as Tim Hudak lost and kept his word to step down if he lost to Tyrant Wynne and her sexualized Catholic-hating agenda.

Monte will be giving a talk about his leadership (which will include his pro-life rhetoric) tomorrow morning, in the West Toronto area, at the Humber Summit Library, 2990 Islington Avenue, at 11am. He is being assisted by one of my good Newman Center friends, and so I am posting this here, and imploring that you come out and hear him, as well as vote for him should you be a card-carrying member of the Ontario PC party. You may find the event page for his talk here:

If you have any questions for the talk, you may ask my colleague who is assisting Monte at the phone number on the Facebook event page.

PLEASE ATTEND AND GET HIM AS LEADER OF THE ONTARIO PC PARTY!!!!! We Christians MUST be politically active. Don't forget that it is our goal to spread the Gospel, in and for, both the earthly Kingdom, and the Proper Heavenly Kingdom of God.

Pax, Julian Barkin.

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