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More Wrong Naysaying from Internet Lay Prophets of Doom and Gloom. Why do they damage the Church?

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Sunday should be a day of jubilation and Holiness with our Lord, regardless of the form of the Roman Rite, or other valid and licit rites, attended in the Church. Sadly, some people lose that joy so quickly, and publicize it, discrediting our Church and its clerical and lay leadership, and making others commit the sin of despair in the process.

Waking up today, I received a barb of spiritual rat poison from a blog on my feed today. The blogger, a layperson involved with the Latin Mass, decided to cough up whatever darkness they had about the ongoing Extraordinary Synod of the Family in Rome.

While I will not name the blogger, as I detest giving that person more hits via linking, I will list their accusations with implied sentiments for you:

  1. Talk of the Pope changing things, implying Church doctrine, and calling the Synod another Pentecost as in wiping out the Church
  2. That we should let the "Holy Spirit" guide us in our dreams and not to frustrate it, that is the implied false "Spirit of Vatican II" council.
  3. More Trad hate by implying in today's homily our Holy father attacked them, via mentioning man-made commandments and buying salvation via man-made rules and regulations.
  4. Predicting and accusing Pope Francis of trying to change Catholic practice of the faithful and hence, disobedience of Catholic doctrine and dogma, which will be outed by African and other leaders in the Church, whereby an angry Pope Francis will retire back to Argentina. Another Trad Behaving Badly stab at His Holiness, which is usual fare for TBBs. 
  5. Should it be that His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, voted for Bergoglio in the 2013 conclave, he has once again attacked his own archbishop, by lumping him in with the pack of clowns who voted Bergoglio in. 
Now I don't know about you, but as a young person who desires a joyful atmosphere to be able to participate fully in the Church, especially in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, this is giving me no hope, and I must spiritually defend myself and others viewing my blog and others, against this attack that commits the sin of despair in others. 

It's sad, really. Our lay leaders, who know the teachings of the Church and should be carrying out the New Evangelization, are contributing as accessories to sin and despair, and giving more credence to a New Exodus from the Catholic Church. Such joyless reporting and false leadership only begs those viewing such spiritual rat poison to ask these questions: Why should I, as a young person, join and/or stay in, the Catholic Church, when everyone is corrupt up to my Pope? I can get that in my regular life with politics and my teachers and parents. Why should I even introduce people to the Church, of whom "extra ecclesia nulla sulam?" They deserve the full salvation of their souls, but why bother if it's so dark? 

These are sadly the thoughts and questions that erupt from such non-Catholic examples of writing on the Internet and musings/conduct in person.

Rather folks, I must say, these are not truths, but lies at the worst, or gross, emotionally charged misinterpretations at best. If anything, Pope Francis is acceptable to Church tradition in his own ways, AND he is quite aware of the hostile takeover that some groups in the Church are trying to achieve with this synod. Might I remind you that when Pope Francis went to South Korea recently, he said many parts of the big Novus Ordo Mass in Latin, to mantilla-wearing South Korean women and other faithful? Did he bash those mantilla-wearers? NO! Allow me to prove His Holiness' Commitment to Church "t"radition and "T"radition to you with a post from a Latin-Mass saying Priest of Jesus Christ at his blog, Southern Orders, with my emphasis at certain parts in boldface. 

Might I also add that, selectively, the blogger above chose NOT to post the WHOLE part of the paragraphs from the aforementioned homily of Pope Francis, taking it out of context to suit their biased reporting, as you will see below in some of my boldfaced parts:

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Rough English translation of Pope Francis' homily:

Today, the prophet Isaiah and the Gospel uses the image of the vineyard of the Lord. The vineyard of the Lord is his "dream", the project that He cultivates with all his love, like a farmer takes care of his vineyard. The vine is a plant that requires much attention!

The "dream" of God and his people: he has planted and cultivated with patient love and faithful, to become a holy people, a people that ports many good fruits of justice.

But both in ancient prophecy, both in the parable of Jesus, God's dream is frustrated. Isaiah tells us that the vineyard, so loved and cared for, "which has produced unripe berries" (5,2.4 ), while God "looked for justice, but here's bloodshed, for righteousness, but heard cries of oppressed" (v.  7).  In the Gospel, on the other hand, are the peasants to ruin the project of the Lord: they do not do their job, but they think their interests.

Jesus, with his parable, is addressed to the chief priests and elders of the people, i.e. , the "wise men", the ruling class. To them in a special way God has entrusted his "dream", i.e. his people, to be cultivated, they care, preserved from wild animals. This is the task of the heads of the people: to cultivate the vineyard with freedom, creativity and industriousness.

Jesus says that those farmers took control of the vineyard; for their greed and pride they want to do with it what they want, and thus deprive to God the opportunity to realize his dream on the people that you have chosen.

The temptation of greed is always present. We find also in the great prophecy of Ezekiel on the pastors (cf. chap. 34), with commentary by St. Augustine in his famous speech that we have just re-read in the Liturgy of the Hours. Greed for money and power. AND to satiate this greed evil shepherds load on the shoulders of people unbearable burdens that they will not move even with a finger (Mt 23,4 ).

We also, in the Synod of Bishops, we are called to work for the vineyard of the Lord. The synodal Assembly does not serve to discuss ideas beautiful, original, or to see who is more intelligent… serve to cultivate and protect better the vineyard of the Lord, to cooperate in his dream, his plan of love for his people. In this case, the Lord asks us to take care of the family, which from its origins and an integral part of his plan of love for humanity.

We are all sinners and even for us we can be the temptation to "snagged" of the vineyard, because of the greed which is never lacking in us human beings. The dream of God always comes up against the hypocrisy of some of his servants. We can be "frustrate" the dream of God if we do not allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit gives us the wisdom that goes beyond the science, for work generously with true freedom and humble creativity.

Brothers of the Synod, to cultivate and preserve good the vineyard, it is necessary that the our hearts and our minds are to be kept in Jesus Christ by the "peace of God which surpasses all understanding", (Phil 4,7 ).  So our thoughts and our projects will be compliant with the dream of God: form a holy people that belong to him and that it will produce the fruits of the Kingdom of God (Mt 21.43 ).

Posted by Fr. Allan J. McDonald at Sunday, October 05, 2014 

Now, let see, lay person vs. someone with Holy Orders, doom and gloom in many of their posts vs. balanced orthodox commentary with the Joy of the Gospel? I'd say that fellow youth like myself will want to embrace the Church under Fr. McDonald vs. the Trad Behaving Quite Badly today, and on the Lord's Day too! Just before a Latin Mass ..... 

That is why we must continue to prevail and have hope in  our Holy Mother Church. We cannot let it darken and sour to the point that the Church is false and a lie, offering no salvation. we must continue to have hope, and dispel the lies and falsehoods, and trap them away, exposing them to the TRUTH and the LIGHT! So let's continue to pray, to believe that Christ guaranteed the Church's fortitude in Matthew 16:18, and the Pope Francis will not let this Synod run away with itself. 

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

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